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Continued Shirt Production Follies

Over the past few weeks, we at Irregular Times have been experimenting with shirt production using the low-tech method of stenciling. Results have varied — with successes and failures both letting us know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be showing off successes soon enough, but tonight I felt like sharing another botch, this one from last week:

Stencil and Paint Shirt Production Attempt: Red Slash Through W

Note to self: red on top of black looks like a blotch, not like red.
Additional note to self: square corners on stencil edges lead to square corners of bright white.

Through multiple trials and errors, we have things pretty much figured out at this point, including a source for ethically-made shirts to print on:


Look for a rollout of stenciled shirts on union-made shirts soon.

2 comments to Continued Shirt Production Follies

  • ron

    I want the shirt shown, tht W one! I’m serious, please tell me how much and I will send u the money. Assuming you are not going to charge an Arm and Leg.
    Please email me as to how I buy that shirt, Hoping it is XL or XXL.


  • Jim

    Oh, dear, it’s a men’s medium, Ron.

    But look for some very like that soon.

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