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Unity08 A Day Away From Breaking Another Promise

Unity08 is a registered corporation which wants your money so it can nominate its own candidates for president and vice president a year from now, in June or July of 2008, depending on which person at Unity08 is speaking and when.

On February 14, 2007, Unity08 ex-CEO Douglas L. Bailey promised the following in response to a question he wrote to himself in a staged conversation:

Question: You mentioned Convention Hall? What is that?

Answer: This Spring we will give every Delegate a passcode to enter Convention Hall online, where they will participate in delegate polls, set up their own issue or candidate caucuses, and view the materials of candidates or draft movements seeking their support.

Lest you think Bailey was speaking off the cufflinks when he wrote that piece of mock-conversation, the website features the following promise on a separate dedicated webpage:

What’s Next?
Opening Convention Hall.

Later this Spring we will be opening Convention Hall – online.

It is the center of the delegate activity that will change American politics forever.

Only delegates and credentialed media will be allowed inside. It is the place where the delegates will be able to caucus with one another by State, candidate, or issue. It is here they will vote on the issues they believe are crucial for the future safety and well-being of the United States – and on the questions that should be asked the candidates on those crucial issues. It is where candidates for the nomination (and draft efforts on their behalf) will come to make their case with their own web-logs, video-on-demand to answer the questions on the crucial issues – and hopefully for candidate debates as well.

And of course the Unity08 Convention Hall will be where the first-ever online nominating convention will be held – where you will pick the next president of the United States.

It will be the home of America’s political future – and your support is building it right now.

June 21, 2007 is the first day of summer. That’s tomorrow. There’s still time left for Unity08 to follow through on its promise. What do you think will happen?

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