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Let’s Have Some Censorship Fun At Unity08!

For a time last week, Unity08 corporate management selectively removed Unity08 member Dave Farrar’s messages asking about lobbyist influence within Unity08. You can still see the debris of this selective removal as Farrar asks, “What’s happening with my posts to Alex? Please advise.”

When I noted Unity08 Vice President Bob Roth’s “kindly request that dissenting opinions about the movement be taken elsewhere,” VP Roth justified his not-very-civil actions with the claim that

The membership asked that particular individual to please keep his comments on track with the topic and to have his accusations removed.

But as an anonymous visitor to Irregular Times (a visitor who is not, according to IP address, David Farrar himself) quickly pointed out,

To say that “the membership” asked to have the remarks removed is not at all accurate. Initially there were TWO individuals who asked to have the remarks removed. However several other members found the topic worthy of a four-page discussion, which those two individuals eventually joined.

If Mr. Roth did not tell the truth about something which is so easy to check up on, can we expect him to tell the truth about anything else in the less-than-transparent Unity08 organization?

Frankly, I found that hard to believe, so I went to check the Unity08 thread for myself. But it turns out our anonymous visitor is correct. Only two Unity08 members, Betty and Bill, asked for Dave Farrar’s comments to be removed.

Now, there are two possibilities here. The first possibility is that Unity08 didn’t remove the comments because they received requests from two people, but did it for other reasons instead. The second possibility is that Bob Roth being truthful, and you can indeed get posts removed from Unity08 if just two Unity08 members ask. The first possibility assumes Bob Roth is fibbing, and that’s not nice, so let’s go with the second possibility, shall we? That seems to set a precedent. Oh me, oh my! I love precedents. Let’s have some fun.

Are there any Unity08 members out there who would like to have Unity08 VP Bob Roth’s posts removed from the Unity08 message boards? If so, post your request here, including your Unity08 user name.

If we get two Unity08 members who would like to request the removal of Unity08 VP Bob Roth’s posts from, I’ll write an e-mail message to Unity08 sending on the censorship request of its members.

What do you think will happen?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Censorship Fun At Unity08!”

  1. anonymous says:

    oooh, you’re such a Bad Boy, Jim, but now that you mention it, yes, I WOULD like to have Mr. Roth’s remarks removed. And that goes for his little intern too. Ordinarily I would say no, leave it so everyone can see for themselves how he is soliciting the members to try to get them to request the remarks removed and having his intern do it too, and how he is trying to impose censorship. But I have had some of my own remarks removed by Unity08, and I’m just pissed off.

    At the time that my comments were arbitrarily deleted, there was an obvious troll all over the boards mocking everyone and saying Newt Gingrich should be the U08 candidate. Many people continually complained about this troll, but nothing at all was done about him and it was MY remarks that were summarily censored. Yeah, yeah, I know the leadership has changed and blah, blah…. but just forget about it. I’m not giving you my username over there because I’m done with those guys. See, it’s like getting food poisoning in a restaurant then you hear it’s opened again under new management, but there’s just no way you want to go back no matter what.

    Funny story though about the trip to DC and the one guy showing them an amateur porn flick right off the bat–you should have that one in your book.

    But no, U08 doesn’t want to say what their platform is or what ideas they stand for just quite yet. Or who is paying their lawyers. The only thing we know about their political beliefs is that they don’t delete remarks about having Newt Gingrich as their candidate. I say leave them alone with their “centrist” ideas and let them ponder the Newt by themselves.

  2. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Do elaborate on the DC trip…

  3. Ralph says:

    I hope someone puts together whatever scraps of transcript, audio, video, etc. survive from that 6/16 Washington meeting. I really wish I could have been there with a camcorder–it couldn’t have been anything less than drop-dead hilarious.

  4. anonymous says:

    They were all pretty tight-lipped after the trip, but in this thread, ( on the subject “unity08 is a political committee” the U08 moderator introduces the subject on June 15 with the official U08 interpretation of the events and several participants give their take, the discussion continuing into 6-16-07. P0po, the octogenarian from Florida, before the meeting was all lets-get-going-and-do-something-or-I’m-not-on-board, but after a private meeting with U08 a day later, he is now all sit-back-and-wait-and-you-will-be-rewarded. Maybe they showed him the Mountain. Kacz was estranged after the meeting, but everyone is now convinced he is really a True Believer and he is posting again. So that’s what happened to your favorite forum characters in the U08 soaps last week. We never did hear a description of that office in the Watergate Hotel complex that U08 leadership uses for official correspondence but seems to know nothing about.

  5. anonymous says:

    The DC meeting was April not June, Ralph. The day after tax day, 4/16.

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