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Family Jewels Reveals Illegal Early Proto-Guantanamo, Still Active?

This morning, Peregrin Wood gave us all the link to read the Family Jewels, the set of previously secret, but still heavily censored, documents that discuss the self-admitted illegal activities of the Central Intelligence Agency during the middle of the 20th century.

There’s a lot of territory to cover, and a great deal of that territory remains mysterious, thanks to selective censoring of the released version of the Family Jewels.

Consider Family Jewel number 4. Here’s the synopsis of what it covers, word for word, from the CIA files:

“Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko – A KGB defector who from the period 13 August 1965 to 27 October 1967 was confined in a specially constructed “jail” at [censored]. He was literally confined in a cell behind bars with nothing but a cot in it for this period.”

What’s censored in the selection above is the location of the illegal detention facility where Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko was imprisoned. It’s important to realize that the decision to censor this location was not made by the CIA back in the 20th century. Rather, that decision was made by the current CIA, and possibly other Bush Administration officials.

Why would the current government censor the location of an illegal prison that it used during the 1960s? It’s impossible to say for sure – the reason is secret, after all. However, one good reason for the government to censor the location of that illegal prison would be if it were still in operation, at its secret location, today. That possibility is not at all unrealistic, given that the Bush Administration has already admitted that such outside-the-law prisons exist.

If I were a member of Congress with the authority to exercise oversight on the Central Intelligence Agency, I would be calling people up to Capitol Hill to testify on the matter right now.

Whatever the truth behind the current cover-up, this document serves as an important legal basis for challenging the legal basis of the current secret prisons used by President George W. Bush. Way back in the 1960s, these sorts of prisons were viewed as illegal by the CIA.

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