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You Have to Work For the Privilege of Questioning Unity08

Way back when it started, Unity08 had an “Ask the Founders” web page in which anyone, absolutely anyone, could pose a question to be read and answered by the people who founded and formed the board of directors of Unity08. As the months passed, the founders and members of the board of directors actually answered those questions less and less. Then Unity08 deleted its “Ask the Founders” board.

Now it has been announced by Unity08 that in order to pose a question to the leadership of Unity08, a person will have to follow these steps:

1. Register as a delegate of Unity08
2. Sign up as a delegate recruiter
3. Win an award as the person who has recruited the most delegates

Otherwise, says Unity08, you’re not going to have the leaders of Unity08 say word one to you.

What Unity08 says in this regard is not entirely true, of course. You could be a powerful donor, or member of the media, or politician. Then you get to ask your question right away.

All this, and Unity08 still has the gall to call itself a “grassroots” “people’s movement.”

8 thoughts on “You Have to Work For the Privilege of Questioning Unity08”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    It looks to me as if Unity08 is turning into a political pyramid scheme.

  2. Tom says:

    yeah, mirrors the political process in this country, doesn’t it. This model (capitalistic democracy) obviously skews policy to the dictates of the few wealthy in power. Once in power (especially now) they change as many rules and policies as they can to keep their advantage. It’s the “Jerry Springer Show” side of human nature shining through. Swell.

  3. Jim says:

    It does have a kind of pyramid quality, right down to these kinds of pitches for people to sign up (so they can get prizes — yes, they’re handing out prizes):

    Hey all,
    I’m begging…no i’m pleading with you all to help me out.

    I’m in a competition at work to get people signed up for Unity08 Trailblazers. Now, I believe in Unity08 and think it’s awesome. You may not know anything about it. Regardless, please help me out by clicking on the following link ASAP and signing up (it takes less than two minutes, just be sure to select trailblazer and leave the team alone):

  4. Bob Roth says:

    Mr. Cook, the ability to ask a question of the movement has not been changed. It lives, as is always has, in the online forum or via email. You may have missed it upon your last visit, please see “Questions & Suggestions for Unity08”

    Bob Roth
    VP Online Marketing, Unity08

  5. Anonymous says:

    Somebody’s been really busy on that site today. A few hours ago the questions and suggestions were listed under “criticism” and “conspiracy theories”.

  6. Jim says:

    You’re good at choosing your words. By “ask a question of the movement,” you are correct if you mean the ability to ask a question of an unidentified intern, not the corporate leadership of Unity08. The “Ask a Founder” board has indeed been deleted. And you do indeed have to win a delegate recruiting contest to ask a Founder a question now. Unless you’re a major donor. Or a major politician. Rules for those people are different.

    I’ve been waiting three months now for answers to my questions sent by e-mail to the corporate leadership of Unity08. I have not received any response to those questions.

  7. Bob Roth says:

    “…ask a question of an unidentified intern” isn’t entirely correct, since I am spending quite a bit of time conversing in the forums, as well.

    The change from “Ask a Founder” to “Questions & Suggestions for Unity08” is not about tasking our diligent, passionate interns with the job of response. It allows for me, and other new persons to the movement, to answer the questions more quickly. We are not Founders, of course, since we just joined the movement a few weeks ago. Hence, we are being more correct in re-labeling the section.

    I recognize that the path to this point has been bumpy for some that have been involved. I hope I can smooth that out. I also recognize that we have some very energetic, fervent interns that really, really want to help everyone get answers… and yes, there has been some contention with that. But, I must say Mr. Cook, you now know that someone is listening!

    We’re trying to improve things each day. If you’d wish to resubmit your questions directly to me or point them out on the forums, I will do my best to get them answered, Once again, please bear with me. When I engaged the membership, I definitely opened up the communication channel! I am working into the night to keep up with the hundreds of emails that are coming my way. So far, they are 95% supportive, 3% skeptical, and 2% pessimistic. Mr. Cook, I will get to them all.

    Bob Roth
    VP Online Marketing, Unity08

  8. Jim says:

    Well, when I posted my last question to the Unity08 forum, it was deleted, so I can’t possibly point it out there.

    But I promise I will send that to you promptly. I take seriously your pledge to get it answered. Thank you.

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