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Unity08 MucketyMucks Affirm: Ticket Won’t Have to Span Two Parties

Part of Unity08’s appeal to followers has been the idea of one Republican and one Democrat sharing an administration — one as president, one as vice president. Since the first two CEOs of Unity08 were Republican political operatives, there were suspicions that Unity08 was an operation to benefit the Republican party. But at least a Democrat might be assured of the vice presidency at the very least.

That’s all subjunctive now, as over the past six months the website of Unity08 has been edited to offer a new vision of their dream ticket. Now the Unity08 FAQ declares:

A Unity Ticket will consist of a woman and/or man from each major party running for President and Vice President, or by independents who assemble a Unity Team from both parties.

This is not a mistaken statement. Unity08 Rules Committee member Will Fogel declares:

… while we do prohibit tickets composed of members of the same party, we are open to Independents in either or both positions of the ticket. We are excited by the prospect of some non-conventional Independent candidates, and we’re looking forward to welcoming some old time politicians who want to give up blame-game politics and join up with us. It’s going to be an exciting primary and an exciting campaign. And I for one, though perhaps I’m a little biased, think you should try us out at

And in case that wasn’t clear enough for you, Unity08 Founders Council member Michele Diamond follows up:

…Basically, the rules state that there have to be people from the two major parties on the team (i.e. in the cabinet). Theoretically, two independent candidates could be the President and Vice President, so that is a glitch in the way our website is programmed that you are unable to draft an independent dream ticket. They would, however, have to include members of the major party in the cabinet because we want to ensure that we bring the government together, not just create more divisions.

That’s right. As long as there’s a Democrat in the cabinet, you could have (oh-so hypothetically) a Bloomberg-Hagel ticket count for Unity08. Bloomberg just conveniently declared his independent status, but has been a Republican for some time. Hagel’s a Republican. There you go! Or there’s always Joe Lieberman, who ran as an independent. How about Tancredo-Lieberman? That’s a BINO (Bipartisan In Name Only) ticket for you if I ever saw one.

But how do you get a bipartisan “team” if you don’t have a bipartisan ticket of president and vice president? By gum, George W. Bush accomplished that task for years with the seating of Democratic Party member Norman Mineta in his cabinet … as the all-important Secretary of Transportation. I guess that means by Unity08’s standards that Bush has been bipartisan in his presidency. Right.

Republicans should be just as nervous as Democrats. What forbids a Sherrod Brown (D) – Bernie Sanders (I) ticket, with Ron Paul as Secretary of Defense?

The way Unity08 is setting itself up, it is incredibly vulnerable for being gamed, from without … or from within.

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