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Maine Mystery Cat: Could it Be the Yankee Scrambler?

The Associated Press reports on the sighting of a strange animal in Maine:

On Tuesday, Kelvin Higgins of Oakland provided a sample of fur and possibly some skin to the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The animal shed the fur while grooming itself on a rock in Higgins’s backyard in April.

Higgins said he collected a pinch of fur from the rock, but didn’t deliver it to biologists until reading an account last week about another possible sighting in Sidney….

“It’s hard to put a number on [the annual sighting reports], but many times,” said Inland Fisheries spokesman Mark Latti.

“But in my eight years, it’s always come back as something different than a mountain lion.”…

In another sighting this week, a resident in Sidney provided a grainy photograph of what appeared to be a large cat.

Latti said that no conclusions could be drawn from the photo because it didn’t show the entire animal and no tracks or scat samples could be found.

The many sightings “always come back as something different than a mountain lion”?

A grainy photograph of what appeared

One thought on “Maine Mystery Cat: Could it Be the Yankee Scrambler?”

  1. Iroquois says:

    Boomers and GenX are supposed to be the most similar of any generations in memory. Except the GenX are snarky and want the boomers to hurry up and die. Why oh why do our children wish us dead?

    BTW, no one in the 70’s ever heard of that bike. We had Harleys and Nortons and the occasional Kaw in spite of its dorky two-stroke engine.

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