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Tracking Stats for the 2008 Democrats, 7-8 to 7-14 2007

Since November of 2004, we have been tracking the number of bumper stickers, magnets, campaign buttons and shirts that we sell in support for each of the Democratic candidates in the 2008 presidential race. While polls measure opinions of the moment, our measure tracks a more strong and lasting and lasting commitment to show their support for a particular candidate in a public way. That kind of strong commitment turns into donations, and later turns into votes. The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week of July 8-14 2007 for each candidate who garnered at least a 1% share of sales:

Barack Obama: 27.1%
Al Gore: 21.2%
Bill Richardson: 16.9%
Dennis Kucinich: 12.9%
Hillary Clinton: 12.6%
Mike Gravel: 3.9%
John Edwards: 3.5%
Joseph Biden: 1.2%
Christopher Dodd: less than 1%

Despite Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts of last week, Gore’s percentage share of committed support fell more than ten percentage points from the week before. Notice how quickly talk of those concerts fell off? Barack Obama has taken the lead again from Gore, and also surging are Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich, who fared better than supposed “front-runner” Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was caught engaging in conversation with John Edwards about excluding other presidential candidates from debates because they were not “serious.” Who’s “serious” in this race? The self-regarding John Edwards hasn’t poked above a ten percent share on our tracking statistics of committed support since the sympathy week back in March during which the broadly engaged Elizabeth Edwards announced that her cancer had unfortunately returned. John Edwards apparently thinks he’s more “serious” than Mike Gravel, but more Americans were serious about Mike Gravel last week than were serious about John Edwards.

Look for another update next week.

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