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Dennis Kucinich Walks The Clean Money Walk While Unity08 Talks Its Talk

As I noted earlier today, at the beginning of this year Unity08 made a big fuss about its Clean Money Pledge:

“Change in Washington starts at the top. I will only vote for a presidential candidate who has raised at least half of his/her funds through small contributions of $250 or less. I am sick and tired of power in Washington built on lobbying money and special interests.”

Unity08 said it had had enough of “lip service” about big money in politics: it was time to “Walk the Talk.” Unity08 promised to give Americans updates about how well presidential campaigns kept to its Clean Money standard. But since the beginning of the year, it hasn’t offered a peep. No wonder, considering that Unity08 has since filed a lawsuit with the help of lobbyist lawyers to take big money, has drawn up documents to take no-interest, optional-payback loans, and has utterly failed to meet its own Clean Money standard when it comes to its own donor profile.

But hey, just because Unity08 has made a disaster of its Clean Money Pledge doesn’t mean that the question of Clean Money isn’t of interest. So while Unity08 leaders devote their time to holding fundraising dinner meetings with the rich, let’s do Unity08’s work on measuring the Clean Money performance of 2008 presidential candidates.

We’ve already established that 69.1% of Mike Gravel’s funds raised during the first half of 2007 came from donors of $250 or less, making him squeaky Clean by Unity08 standards.

Let’s move on to presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission reveal that in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2007, Dennis Kucinich’s campaign received $1,109,415 in campaign contributions. $1400 of that money came from Dennis Kucinich himself or from other committees organized by Kucinich. Let’s call that money “unclean” just to be on the safe side. Of the remaining $1,108,015, $264,812 (or 23.9%) came from donations of more than $250. If you add in Kucinich’s own $1400, Kucinich’s donations are still 76.0% “Clean” by Unity08 standards.

So where’s the notice of Kucinich’s accomplishment? Why hasn’t Unity08 said a word, as it said it would? Or was promoting “Clean Money” not the purpose of the Clean Money Pledge?

4 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Walks The Clean Money Walk While Unity08 Talks Its Talk”

  1. Dave says:

    Unity08 is a fraud, a front for one of its organizers to run for President while pretending to support a unified ticket.

    The only candidates they are willing to consider are those who would not support a unity ticket. This leaves those who put the organization together to pocket the money and run for the Presidency. This is why emails sent out from unity08 have the following signature,”Orion Karl Daley.

    Hope nobody here as contributed to that scam.
    Balanced Party Presidential Candidate for 2008″

  2. Dave says:

    Oops, my response went up a little haywire. The signature from Unity 08 emails reads: “Orion Karl Daley
    Balanced Party Presidential Candidate for 2008”

    Clearly Daley is planning on running himself.

  3. Janet says:

    What are you talking about, Dave? Who’s “Orion Karl Daley?” Some California nut-eater?

  4. Orion Karl Daley Election Candidate 08 says:

    I am Orion Karl Daley, and have no relationship to the late comers ‘’. The domain was established in dec 2004.

    As Presidential Candidate, my Election 2008 platform is published into a book. It is called ‘The New Deal, an Election 2008 Primer’. It provides strategic, doable blueprint of plans to vote for in November 2008.

    I believe that the people are owed more than just campaign lip service when the future of our nation is at stake. I further believe that voters should be able to trust political candidates, but also believes that voters should be able to verify what candidates really stand for and what they are really going to do for our nation. These beliefs led to the writing and publication of The New Deal, an Election 2008 Primer.

    I want the people of our country to know what they can count on and hold me accountable for in the leadership of our nation as President of the United States of America.

    In December 2004, I wrote ‘The Promise’ with my family’s health, safety and welfare in mind. Seeing it as a standard that all deserve in the nation, it became this message ‘Leave no American Behind’. This became the State of the Union Address, that if honored with the opportunity, I intend to present to the people and Congress on Jan 20th , 2009. My State of the Union Address also served as the basis for the book, The New Deal.

    The New Deal’s focus is on the reform of the government with respect to the information age, the economy in order to bring it into the 21st century, and provide personal empowerment in a secure nation that has workable foreign policy.

    For me these have to work together like gears in a clock in order to sustain time, and therefore assure the health, saftey and welfare of our people as a nation.

    The New Deal is driven by five fundamental principles that I see as a solid common ground that is shared between US Citizens:

    1. Transparent and accountable government and how it serves the people
    2. The dignity of human rights with respect to all people
    3. Balanced trade to provide parity with foreign importers
    4. Economic solvency for our national security
    5. A foreign policy that demonstrates a respect for others and earns respect from others.

    In the New Deal, detailed strategy is provided to pay back the over burdened foreign debt without major cost to the taxpayer, bring momentum back into our economy, return industry to US soil, build strong labor unions, and have personal empowerment when it comes to having real health care, employment, and good educational systems.

    Buy the book. Read it. Then compare my views with that of the rest of the pack. You’ll be glad you did.

    The New Deal, an Election 2008 Primer can be obtained at Amazon with ISBN: 1419670948

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