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Mike Gravel Walks the Clean Money Walk While Unity08 Talks its Talk

Back in January of this year, Unity08 unveiled its Clean Money Pledge, demanding that presidential campaigns adhere to it. The text of it reads:

“Change in Washington starts at the top. I will only vote for a presidential candidate who has raised at least half of his/her funds through small contributions of $250 or less. I am sick and tired of power in Washington built on lobbying money and special interests.”

When Unity08 rolled out the pledge, it said it had had enough of talk about money in politics… it was time for action:

The Clean Money Pledge: It’s Time to Walk the Talk

Like the weather, most politicians pay lip service to the dangers of special interest lobbyist money in Washington, but few do anything about it –except take the money.

Unity08 promised “we’ll keep you, the press and the public updated” on the actions of presidential campaigns regarding the Clean Money Pledge.

How has Unity08 followed through? Well, if you visit the registered corporation’s front page, you’ll see links to news stories about big money in politics. So yes, Unity08 is talking its talk. But what is Unity08 actually doing?

==> Unity08 has racked up big-money IOUs from a firm of lawyers and registered lobbyists in order to file a lawsuit so that it can take financial contributions and loans of unlimited size. The final decision on this lawsuit is pending.

==> Unity08 has drawn up documents to solicit zero-interest loans to be paid back at the sole discretion of Unity08. In my universe, we call that a gift. Under the terms Unity08 is seeking in its lawsuit, it wouldn’t have to disclose the source of such “loans.”

==> Unity08 failed to meet the standards of its own Clean Money Pledge in the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th Quarters of 2006 (it didn’t raise money in the 1st Quarter of 2006). And, unless it has grabbed a whopping number of donations from those giving less than $200, it will fail to meet the standards of its own Clean Money Pledge in the 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2007, too. IRS disclosure forms that will reveal Unity08’s finances for the 1st and 2nd Quarters of 2007 are due on the last day of this month.

==> Unity08 has not spoken or written a word about its own Clean Money Pledge for months, failing to keep us little citizen people updated on the behavior of presidential campaigns as it said it would.

Well, if Unity08 won’t do it, why don’t we?

Let’s start with the campaign of Mike Gravel. Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission reveal that in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2007, Mike Gravel received $151,616.52 in campaign contributions, all of which came from individuals and none of which came from PACs. Only 30.9% of that money came from contributions of more than $250.

Mike Gravel is 69.1% “clean” by Unity08’s standards. But where’s the notice of Gravel’s accomplishment? Why hasn’t Unity08 said a word? It appears that Unity08 is too busy talking the talk while Gravel’s campaign actually walks the walk.

2 thoughts on “Mike Gravel Walks the Clean Money Walk While Unity08 Talks its Talk”

  1. Jason says:

    I donated 25 dollars to Gravel and got a bunch of like minded people to do the same thing!

    every little bit helps. Especially when we have the chance of the Federal gov. matching it!

  2. Medley says:

    Mike Gravel, May Seem like a gumpy old man, something I may appear to be as well, I am 37. This äppearence”Is due to a few things but ONE major charcteristic, The Deep Undiluted knowledge, of what mankind as a whole tends to be..And as One who sees what Mike Geravel does I know. If you look at him again, Or just watch a few videos of him talking, You see a few things you DO NOT in any other candidate(possibly Ron Paul). These traits are 1) Speaking with out stoping to think up answers…This comes from telling the truth, It has been said, Give anyones speachs to much rope and they’ll fuck it up. This IS True of most ALL Politicans, Mike Gravel Could speak for say…% straight months(as in his filibuster) and not lie once or be tempted to do such. 2) Mike Gravel Truly Cares for all people, all races, all shapes,sizes, and capacities for thought. This is the marking of a Truly Great Thinker. 3) Mike Gravel Acts The way he talks..No Bullshit. 4) Mike Gravel Does Not Take any BS, Nor does he give it. 5) Mike Gravel Is By Nature a Happy Man.Happy to simply be, His anger comes, only while caring for others and seeing them make mistakes,another Heart felt charecteristic, That gives one great troubles/worries, and Still yet he gives. 6) Mike Gravel KNOWS The miltary VERY Well, He know weapons,are strength, and How to use it. 7) Mike Gravel Chooses to let others Think for themselves, and does not Scare people into thinking as he does, He belives, If you tell the truth It will attract voters, It has and does.8)Mike Gravel Could Run for either party,minus the equality he feels for same sex couples.
    As A single hetero sexual man. I am not scared his fairness with these people, will turn me gay, nor would I let qualified military personall go for no other reason than sexual preferance. As a Man who Has, NO OTHER Agreement with you people(all americans), OTHER Than The Constitution we all should live by, Feel very strongly that we can all get along under his leadership. I am a Freedom loving Man who would be willing die for such. And I will accept nothing less than freedom, of speach, religon, opinions, and I like to smile. Mike Gravel, Lets me smile again, even if his run is short, (I know better) I am Glad he is putting it all out there for US TI DECIDE, Every should respect that,
    In case you all do not know, Letting the People choose, Comes at a very high price,at tines the ultimate price, and anyone whom puts themself in that position for no other reson than it is what a Leader should do is a Human of the highest caliber, such as a Washington, or a Jefferson, or a Franklin,etc. Since he is doing all this for YOU, don’t you owe it to Yourself, and Every Solider who Gave Their Lives,so you might hear such a leader speak. Listen,Hear,Talk, Act, Vote..Thank You My Fellow Americans..
    “Peace When EVER Possible, Anything Is.”

    p.s. sorry if that was a bit drawn out,, but I am not a professinal writer(or speller, lol), But I will no longer , …Not at least try. Take Care

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