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More Than 3 Weeks Without Answer Promised by Unity08 VP

I’ve been trying for five months now to get someone in the Unity08 leadership to indicate whether they would agree to the following Safe Money Pledge:

We pledge that no Unity08 corporate leader, member of the Unity08 Founders’ Council, or member of the Unity08 Rules Committee will pursue or accept payment or other compensation for any work in the campaign of a Unity08 nominee, or for work in the administration of a Unity08 White House.

Unity08 Communications Director Shane Kinkennon promised to keep talking with me about Unity08, but stopped responding to my e-mails after I sent him the Safe Money Pledge and asked if he’d agree to it.

Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris had told me she’d keep an open line of communication, but stopped all communication with me after I sent her the Safe Money Pledge and asked if she’d agree to it.

Three and a half weeks ago, I told Unity08 Vice President Bob Roth that I had a question the Unity08 leadership hadn’t answered. Roth told me he’d see to it that this question was answered if I’d just send it on to him. So I did. Since he received the text of the Safe Money Pledge, Roth hasn’t been in touch.

Listen? Can you hear the sound of silence? No, not the narrow-streets-of-cobblestone one, the other one.

One thought on “More Than 3 Weeks Without Answer Promised by Unity08 VP”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sam Waterston on MSNBC Chris Matthews Hardball this afternoon. Maybe we’ll have another Freudian slip.

    Say hi to Ralph, if that’s which direction you’re headed.

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