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Sleepy? Hollow? Blister? Scissors?

I’ve traveled three times by airplane, I think, since the attacks of September 11, 2001. Today was one of them, thanks to Skybus airlines’ fleeting $10 fare promotion. Waiting to board my plane and spending some spare time in a gift shop after passing through security, I was astounded to see row after row of cell phone microphones, stereo headphones, iPod accessories, electronic sudoku players and the like wrapped in blister packaging. You know what you need to open one of those, unless you have a whole lot of time and dedication? A knife or a pair of scissors. You know what you can’t bring past security checkpoints since, oh, six years ago? A knife or a pair of scissors. And yet, these items must sell.

Swinging south through Hayward, California this afternoon, I was hit with another brick of audacity. A jam-packed boulevard identified by its proximity to four highway on-ramps, a Dairy Belle Freeze, a United Hot Dog and a Taco Bell is named Sleepy Hollow Avenue.

One thought on “Sleepy? Hollow? Blister? Scissors?”

  1. John Stracke says:

    You can open one of those things with a key, if you really have to.

    Personally, when I buy something in a blister pack, and I have to open it before I get home and can use scissors, I ask the salesperson to open it for me.

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