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Tracking Stats for the 2008 Democrats, 7-15 to 7-21 2007

Since November of 2004, we have been tracking the number of bumper stickers, magnets, campaign buttons and shirts that we sell in support for each of the Democratic candidates in the 2008 presidential race. While polls measure opinions of the moment, our measure tracks a more strong and lasting and lasting commitment to show their support for a particular candidate in a public way. That kind of strong commitment turns into donations, and later turns into votes. The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week of July 15-21 2007 for each candidate who garnered at least a 1% share of sales:

Barack Obama: 26.1%
Hillary Clinton: 19.6%
Al Gore: 16.1%
Dennis Kucinich: 14.1%
Bill Richardson: 12.0%
John Edwards: 4.5%
Joseph Biden: 2.4%
Mike Gravel: 2.1%
Christopher Dodd: less than 1%

Al Gore’s previous dominance is wearing off as the debuts of Live Earth concerts and the book The Assault On Reason wear off — but Al Gore, a wholly undeclared candidate, is still in the top three. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Gore, Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson make for a top tier, with both Kucinich and Richardson doing better as more people hear them (which is interesting to me, because I hear over and over from the radio and the papers that Kucinich and Richardson are embarrassing themselves — are people hearing something the pundits don’t hear?). Then, after a swift dropoff in share, come Edwards, Biden, Gravel and Dodd.

Look for another update next week.

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