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Unity08 Wants You, Unless Your Mother Was an Immigrant

I have received a very, very interesting e-mail from Unity08, a corporation currently in the middle of a joint public relations and political effort to run its own presidential and vice presidential candidates for president of the United States in 2008. Here it is in its entirety:

Dear James,

Come meet us!

Join Unity08 leadership in studying cultural opinions at a series of unique research sessions. These sessions will use a divergent approach that lasts three hours, so all participants will need to confirm they can meet the following six criteria:

1. I agree to participate as a volunteer;
2. I confirm I will be able to stay for the full three hours and not leave the session early;
3. I have not, nor has anyone in my household or immediate family, worked in advertising or market research;
4. My mother was born in the United States;
5. I was born in the United States and lived in the US until at least the age of 15; and,
6. Both my mother and I spoke in American English when I was growing up.

Unity08 is holding these sessions at three locations around the country:

* August 1st and 2nd in Washington D.C.
* August 8th and 9th in New York City NY
* August 23rd and 24th in San Diego CA

If you meet all six criteria please secure your seat by writing “I meet all six criteria” in the subject line of your email. Send your email to us at the below location for any of the above dates you can attend:

As this research is unique and attendance limited we will provide details, times and places only to those we confirm for each location on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Unity08 leadership and I look forward to meeting all members who can make it.

Doug Bailey

P.S.: Feel free to invite your non-Unity08 friends to RSVP as well. This is a study of our politics, leadership and government, and it’s larger than any one campaign!

So there you have it. Douglas L. Bailey, the expelled Unity08 CEO who is still apparently serving in the Unity08 leadership, has invited “all members” of Unity08 and “non-Unity08 friends” to “a study of our politics, leadership and government” in three cities of the West and East coast. Nobody except the invited gets to know the secret undisclosed location of these studies.

Most interesting to me is that “all members” and “non-Unity08 friends” aren’t really welcome to these meetings at undisclosed locations. Unity08 doesn’t want you to come to its three meetings if ANY of the following are true:

* you’re familiar with the methods of advertising and market research
* your mother is an immigrant
* your mother didn’t speak English when you were growing up
* regardless of your citizenship, you are an immigrant
* you lived outside the United States some time before the age of 15
* you didn’t speak English when you were growing up

If ANY of these are true, then Unity08 would rather you didn’t show up to its meetings.

I have lots of questions about this, so many that I don’t know where to start, except with the biggest question of all:

What is the explanation for this?

If you’d like to know, too, I suggest you send an e-mail on to,, and and request a full explanation of Unity08’s attendance priorities. I don’t expect an answer myself — multiple Unity08 leaders have gone silent since I asked them if they would sign a Safe Money Pledge — but perhaps you can get some sort of response. If you do, please pass it on.

7 thoughts on “Unity08 Wants You, Unless Your Mother Was an Immigrant”

  1. Bob Roth says:

    There are several studies going on at the same time. I will do my best to explain how they are different and how they are related.

    The “onsite” sessions are not part of the American Agenda, which is the process by which all Unity08 members will rank the crucial issues facing the country. The American Agenda will take place through a series of “online” studies (starting today and being distributed over the next week). No one is being excluded from the American Agenda. In fact, it is the very first opportunity for every member to vote.

    The onsite sessions are meant to help us, through a research partnership, determine how generations of experience within the American culture have dealt with political change. When your parents were children, how did your grandparents talk about or introduce you to politics? Were politics a family issue or shunned from the table? Furthermore, when you were a child, how did your parents introduce you to politics?

    Within the American culture, these experiences have shaped where we are at and how we feel, politically. In other words, these past experiences have shaped our present opinions. Our research team has proven that there are differences between someone that has been shaped by generations of American culture versus someone who has been shaped by various cultures, and we are looking to understand that theory in regard to politics in this country.

    Our research does not discount or value one of these over the other. We are simply starting with lineage that has been within American culture. Our researchers have also indicated, actually, that those who have “chosen” the American culture have slightly different motivators than those who have been “living in” American culture for generations. We are looking to define those motivators – to find the keys from those who have been here for generations – that can form the base messaging for what we need to do to fix the country. Then, we can build from that message for those that have more diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

  2. Jim says:

    It’s good to know that Unity08 fits within the Nativist movement.

    “Parents,” Mr. Roth? But you’re only talking about mothers. My wife’s father is an immigrant, yet she can participate. But if her mother was an immigrant, she could not. Why is that?

    We know Mr. Roth’s reading here. Does anybody else have questions regarding this “study”?

    And hey, it’s been a month now. Please answer the question you promised to answer — the question I sent to you personally.

  3. Junga says:

    Why doesn’t Unity08 want to know the motivators for American citizens whose parents were immigrants? Does Unity08 intend to go only for the votes of those without recent immigrant roots?

    That doesn’t sound like Unity to me. It sounds like a divisive agenda.

  4. Jim says:

    It looks like immigrants, children of immigrants, children of non-English-speakers, Army brats, and kids from American families working overseas aren’t part of Unity08’s target audience.

    Some “Unity” this is turning out to be.

  5. RED DAVE says:

    As a Jew, I find this very offensive, especially since, by his name, Bob Roth, the first responder, is probably Jewish.

    There is something very sinister about this. It strikes me as an attempt to build some kind of a political organization and program using marketing techniques. And we knowwhat a great method that is in principled politics.

    I guess I’m eligible, though. My Mom was born here, but my Dad wasn’t.


  6. Anonymous says:

    What does “knowing the motivators” have to do with “fixing what’s wrong with the country”? Isn’t that more something you do when you want to sell breakfast cereal?

    And is this really how you choose a proper random sample for market research? Perhaps there will be another harder type of sell once the doors are locked and the participants are not permitted to leave.

  7. Jim says:

    RED DAVE, for your info Bob Roth is a Vice President of Unity08. And in his comment he’s just explicitly identified who Unity08 thinks makes up its “base”: non-immigrant, non-child-of-immigrant, non-traveler, non-army-brat people who grew up speaking English. That’s good to know.

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