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Unity08 Denies American Agenda is Delayed After Telling Judge It is Delayed. Which is True?

“…the American Agenda site (; to be launched in Dec/Jan ‘07)…”

Unity08 description of its plans in job posting of October 10, 2006

“Peanut Butter Lawsuits”

placeholder text advertisement on nonfunctioning website, March 2007

“Unity08’s efforts to implement its American Agenda program and develop the technology necessary for its online nominating convention have been delayed due to a lack of funding.”

— Unity08, May 3, 2007, in its lawsuit filed with the DC District Court, page 8.

“The American Agenda was initially planned for June 2008, so it is not delayed.”

— Unity08 Vice President Bob Roth, July 28, 2007

Was Unity08 misrepresenting itself in October 2006, May 2007 or July 2007?

2 thoughts on “Unity08 Denies American Agenda is Delayed After Telling Judge It is Delayed. Which is True?”

  1. Bob Roth says:

    Neither misrepresentation has occurred, Mr. Cook. We have begun the discussion of the crucial issues, as I stated earlier. We have also begun the initial ranking process, as I stated earlier.

    We do not yet have the technology in place for the convention, as noted in the filing.

    If you would have copied my entire comment, you would have noted that I said, “The Dec06/Jan07 reference is in regard to beginning the conversation about the American Agenda. Specifically, a discussion about the issues that are crucial to the country. That conversation has been ongoing in the discussion forums on our own site,

    What I refer to is the conclusion of the ranking process, which was initially planned as one vote to take place next summer. Although that final vote is still the plan, our membership asked that we start ranking the issues sooner. Therefore, we began a series of votes that will allow them to do so leading up to the opening of the convention hall next year.”

  2. Jim says:

    The filing says there has been a delay in the implementation of American Agenda. You said there has not been a delay.

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