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Unity08 Loans: So Why the Lawsuit?

As I noted yesterday, $460,000.00 — a majority amount of all contributions to Unity08 in the first six months of 2007 — came from just three rich and powerful people. $450,000.00 of that was in the form of loans.

I woke up this morning wondering something about that. You see, Unity08 has retained a team of boutique DC lawyer-lobbyists to file a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission in DC District Court. Why? They say in their filings that they’re doing it so that they can obtain the right to take contributions and loans of unlimited size, but that they have no intention of taking contributions of unlimited size, just loans of unlimited size.

But if that’s true, then how is it that Unity08 is already taking loans of unlimited size, before any ruling in the lawsuit has been issued? Unity 08 is already doing what it says it needs a court ruling for.

So why again has Unity08 filed an expensive lawsuit?

Why has Unity08 sued for the ability to do what it says it can’t do without a court’s ruling, when it’s doing it already anyway?

2 thoughts on “Unity08 Loans: So Why the Lawsuit?”

  1. ConcernedAboutUnity08 says:

    Jim, this is insane. Shouldn’t the press be all over this? Have you considered sending in letters to the editors of all of the major national papers?

  2. Jim says:

    You know, CAU08, I’ve gone through so many rounds of “shouldn’t the press…” that I’ve really lost my belief in the thoroughness of the press.

    I’m waiting to see what the outcome of the lawsuit by Unity08 against the FEC is before I go forward. If Unity08’s actions regarding loans without terms disclosed are upheld by the court, then yes, I think that the group needs to have its big money actions brought forth for the public to consider.

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