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Reference to Raw Spirit Festival Deleted From Kucinich Web Site

Earlier I reported that the appearance of Elizabeth Kucinich, the wife of Dennis Kucinich, as a keynote speaker along with Breatharian hucksters Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek at the Raw Spirit Festival this October in Sedona, Arizona was listed as an official campaign event on the Kucinich for President web site.

After I brought attention to that official campaign recognition, someone on the Kucinich campaign deleted the item from the campaign calendar. The announcement was at:

… but now it’s gone.

Elizabeth Kucinich is still listed as a keynote speaker at the Raw Spirit Festival. Has she canceled her appearance, due to the fraud committed by some of the other speakers at the conference, or is the Kucinich campaign merely trying to keep its supporters from finding out about the Raw Spirit problems while at the same time appealing to the important, if underfed, Breatharian vote?

83 thoughts on “Reference to Raw Spirit Festival Deleted From Kucinich Web Site”

  1. Happy Oasis says:

    Good Tidings, Fellow Skeptics,

    I am the founder of The Raw Spirit Festival, which does not advocate sensational misinterpretations of “breatharianism”. Realistically we are all primarily breatharians, because we are breathing nearly continuously and require breathing to sustain us, whereas food is, relatively speaking, a supplement, and for most of us, a required daily supplement.

    Having lived with a variety of peoples as an adventure anthropologist in many countries, I have likely enjoyed a wider range of life experiences than some people. One time I lived with a very humble Maori woman in New Zealand who felt embarrassed by the fact that if she ate more than one or two meals per week, she would feel ill. She was not benefitting in any way by not eating, and thought there was something wrong with her. She had no reason to lie, told only very few of us about it, and the news went nowhere beyond the health food store where she worked as a simple clerk with others who occasionally would somewhat rudely try to insist that she eat more. Since I lived with her and witnessed this, I saw how great can be the range of human metabolism.

    The Raw Spirit Festival invited HRM (Hira Ratan Manak), the Solar Gazing teacher, from India, once again for the third year because, from my experience with him, HRM has helped many people to watch the sunrise, to be closer to nature, and to experience the peace and other health benefits which may result.

    Did HRM not eat for long periods of time? Yes. However, breatharianism is NOT about not eating, but rather about the relationship we have with our breathing. How are you breathing now? The author of the fearful negative articles written to with an aim to condemn both the Kuciniches and The Raw Spirit Festival, “a healthy living, eco-solutions and world peace festival”, may benefit from breathing deeply and letting more love into his heart, which may open him to greater possibilities. I would like to invite the author of the article to attend the Raw Spirit Festival as our special guest, so that he can decide from a more informed perspective that everything about Sedona is somehow fake or flakey. Whoever could condemn an entire city of diverse and well-meaning people may like to examine the soundness of his or her own perspective. May we learn how to communicate with kindness and understanding and investigate situations throughly prior to drawing any unfair conclusions. Thank You. Should you have any further questions that need clarifying, please feel free to call me personally at 928.776.1497 or

    Happy Oasis,

  2. J. Clifford says:

    HRM has been exposed as a fraud, Happy. So has Jasmuheen, another breatharian. They cheat people for personal profit, and at great danger to their “students”.

    Yet, you invite them both.

    May we learn to communicate with honesty. Why won’t you even mention Jasmuheen, or Ellen Greve, Happy? Why are you avoiding them?

    Where did I condemn the entire city of Sedona, as you suggest, Happy? May we learn not to put words into each other people’s mouths.

    I just may call you, Happy.

  3. Happy Oasis says:

    When one is afflicted with health complaints, mental clarity is often compromised and kindness can be challenging to achieve. May I suggest a colonic? A series of colonics and cleanses would help clarify the negativity which is troubling you. Vegetable juicing and short fasts could help. Those who need the most assistance are generally those most opposed. Please let me know if you would like a pass to the Raw Spirit Festival. You may disagree with HRM, Jasmuheen and/or Dennis Kuciniches’ life experiences. Is it possible for you to please respect yourself by respecting these individuals as individuals? Just like you, they deserve respect. HRM, Jasmuheen and the Kuciniches evidently have had experiences beyond your comprehension. Please understand that they not connected in breatharian collusion. However, they do share something in common which I can personally affirm: they all are advocates of world peace. May you join them. Peace Be With You… and remember to get a colonic! I appreciate your enthusiastic concern. I too am a skeptic until I personally check out people and situations. Come join us at the Raw Spirit Festival, then let us know what you think! We are on the same side: seeking truth. Raw Spirit Festival is a solutions-oriented approach to current global challenges.

    Peace, Understanding and Hugs,

    Happy Oasis,

  4. J. Clifford says:

    May I suggest that you address the 4 people who died as a result of Jasmuheen’s teachings?

    May I suggest that you consider that Jasmuheen’s fraud was exposed on national Australian television years ago?

    May I suggest that you do your research?

    NO, I will not respect con artists, and I will not respect the people who support their work.

    Please, consider for a moment the very dangerous and dishonest history of Jasmuheen. Consider the way that your festival is going to run the name of Dennis Kucinich through the mud by associating him with the likes of Hira Ratan Manak and Jasmuheen.

    Understanding has to occur through looking at the TRUTH, not some fantasy that people can live and be healthy without eating AT ALL, which is what both of these con artists claim.

    Look at the truth, Happy. It might hurt, but it’s going to be better for everyone in the end.

  5. Iroquois says:

    It would appear that too many colonics can affect mental clarity as well. Unfortunately mental clarity and kindness are sometimes difficult to achieve together. Some people are tempted to avoid confrontation in order to “get along”–but at what price?

    The Breatharian philosophy has some very bad karma to overcome, not only from the deaths, but also from the lies about what the advocates of the philosophy were actually eating themselves. Apparently they didn’t see anything wrong with fooling people in order to make money.

    The Fresh Spirit Festival actually sounds like a lot of fun, as well as a chance to examine one’s relationship with food. I am grateful to Elizabeth Kucinich for her interest in the festival, since without her interest I would never have heard of it, or Breatharians. But when the festival provides a forum for obvious proven frauds, and dangerous frauds at that, I think twice, both about the festival and about the Kuciniches. The issue for me is trust.

    If the festival sponsors are too afraid of confrontation and not being thought of as “nice” to be able to keep known dangerous people from making their pitch at the festival, I don’t have much respect for them or for the whole process. When niceness is more important than public safety, there is a very big problem.

    Jclifford, I hope you go to the festival, and expose it for what it is. I think Happy is being just a little bit passive-aggressive in her repeated suggestion of colonics. She is really telling you to stick it up your ass.

  6. Happy Oasis says:

    Dear Friendly Skeptic,

    I am not an advocate of the sensationalist interpretation of breatharianism. We were created with digestive tracts and I believe that most of us most of the time were built to use them and to enjoy the many pleasures of eating.

    Neither Jasmuheen nor HRM are invited to speak at the Raw Spirit Festival on ‘breatharianism’. HRM is, for the third year, speaking on solar gazing. From what I heard of his engaging speeches, HRM inspires many to improve their health in this way in a safe, considerate, engaging, funloving, sometimes humorous, sometimes highly inspiring and generally balanced manner, which is why I continue to invite him back. Please understand I have only heard him speak at my festival, and every year he is a hit with many requests for him to return. In fact, some people attend only to hear him. His enthusiasm and zest for life can be funny, thought-provoking and contagious, and I’ve never had a complaint yet, except from you, who did not attend.

    In case you are skeptical of the benefits of sungazing, I know for a fact that watching the sun set may have positive health benefits, because as a former forest fire lookout in Arizona for many years (6-month summer seasons), my eyesight improved significantly, due in part to watching the sun rise and set daily. Some other forest fire lookout friends have reported to me similar experiences and have thereby been able to discard their glasses. There may be other factors involved, of course, including minimal stress of living in isolation in a natural setting and being paid to see far throughout the day, which may aid in strengthening ocular muscles that can atrophy from reading and disuse. Birdwatching and other long-distance activities such as hunting are reported to also assist with myopia.

    After I spoke at Shalomar’s Raw Food Festival in Mt. Shasta two weeks ago, I drove up Mt. Shasta for the sunset. Then, Jasmuheen (who called from Australia) and I shared talking together on a radio show. Jasmuheen did not mention advocating breatharianism. Please refrain from judging her based on media hype from the past, and check out her inspiring recent of the past few years newsletters instead, if you would be so kind. I feel it is unfair to report on reports of people’s past. What if someone were to judge me and the honorable Kuciniches, hooking us up with implied breatharianist fraud based on articles on your website? For the sake of accuracy, I do hope you will modify your harsh articles as you investigate, considering the entire human being from a compassionate, balanced perspective. The Kuciniches seem to be doing their best to represent people like you who care about the planet. Please do not needlessly smear them. If you have concerns, please call me, and I will be happy to clarify. I met Congressman Kucinich during a conference hosted by Marianne Williamson with Rev. Michael Beckwith and Dr. Deepak Choprah. While Rep. Kucinich was introducing Bill 808 to establish a Department of Peace into Congress, approximately 750 of us ‘peace delegates’ who were trained over the weekend by Marianne, Michael and Deepak, respectfully approached our congressional and senatorial representatives in their D.C. offices. It is my impression that Dennis Kucinich is an honorable human being, one I would compare with Gandhi and MLK, who may not have been perfect themselves (who is?), but inspired humanity with possibilities for a more humane world.

    As mentioned, Jasmuheen did not focus on breathariansim the only time we spoke. Please understand that I did not personally know Jasmuheen from years ago. I can only state that these days Jasmuheen is primarily concerned with world peace which she spoke about being achieved, my recap, in a grass roots way one inspiring thought at a time. Following such thoughts come actions. The Raw Spirit Festival is a series of such actions. J. Clifford, I appreciate your concern for protecting people from frauds, and hope that you have room in your heart for dreaming of what can be possible too. Please let me know what you would like to see happen at the Raw Spirit Festival. I’m open to suggestions on how to make this third annual better than ever. As mentioned on, the Raw Spirit Festival’s three areas of focus are 1. healthy living 2. eco-sustainable solutions and 3. world peace.

    I’m here if I can be of help.


    Happy Oasis, Founder (same as
    PH 928.776.1497

  7. J. Clifford says:

    Happy, I’m all for healthy living, eco-sustainable solutions and world peace. I think you’ll find that I write about those subjects here. However, I am not for fraud.

    You invited these two well-exposed con artists to your festival without bothering to see whether they were on the up and up. Now that you’ve been confronted with information that Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek are not honest, and have been caught in outrageous dishonesties to defraud the people that they claim to serve, you’re keeping them on as keynote speakers.

    I’d like for you to stop your defensive reaction for a moment and consider what this decision does to the credibility of your Raw Spirit Festival and to the credibility of the Dennis Kucinich campaign, which you say that you support so much. Your inclusion of con artists as keynote speakers at the festival taints everyone else who is involved.

    It doesn’t matter whether they are particularly speaking on Breatharianism. Their credibility and honesty is known to be next to nothing. Your decision to include them as keynote speakers thus will suggest to people who have critical thinking skills that you lack the ability to distinguish between quality plans for healthy living and ridiculous fraudulent schemes.

    I will not refrain from judging Jasmuheen according to the work of journalists who have exposed her dangerous frauds in the past. Why would I do such a thing? Why are you so busy trying to encourage people to suspend all reasonable doubt when it comes to the people participating in the Raw Spirit Festival?

  8. Happy Oasis says:

    Dear Troubled Skeptic,

    You admittedly are judging people you have never met based on hearsay. I realize you are coming from fear. I guarantee that if you would experience these people in person, you would change your fearful mind.

    Just today, David Wolfe also invited HRM as a featured speaker at event. Therefore, are David Wolfe and all the speakers at that event also implicated in this crime of joining forces with inspirational speakers?

    Let’s expand our consciousness.

    Happy Oasis

  9. J. Clifford says:

    They’re con artists who have been exposed as frauds by professional journalists, Happy, not just by hearsay.

    Why, when you know now that you have con artists as keynote speakers at your Raw Spirit Festival, do you continue to promote them?

    Do you really believe, as Hira Ratan Manek and Jasmuheen have both claimed, that people are able to lead healthy lives without eating food?

  10. Govinda says:

    But Mr. Oasis, J. Clifford IS expanding your consciousness!

    Before J. Clifford told you about it, apparently you didn’t know that you were inviting keynote speakers who had been revealed by reputable journalists to be deadly frauds in the recent past.

    Now you know! Your consciousness has been expanded! A new vista of knowledge has opened before you!

    As the students of the Buddha used to tell their teacher, “I have heard now that which I had never heard before!”

    This is the very trigger of opportunity offered by the greatest sages and gurus. Without this–the hearing of a truth one has never heard before–there is no learning, no wisdom, no enlightenment, no path out of the vortex of ignorant misery into which this world has sunk!

    What Happy Oasis can we ever reach if we reject the truth we have never heard before–the very essence of enlightenment, the precious opportunity to end suffering?

  11. Happy Oasis says:

    Dear Skeptics,

    Your wrong assumption of my gullibility is charming. Of course, I’d heard and read about rumors, but I am not a gossip. Do you honestly believe that journalists do not gossip, and that history is written objectively?

    To me what is important is who the human being is. I wonder and feel, does this human act with heart? Is s/he kind, is s/he compassionate, is s/he open to possbilities outside one’s self-created box, is s/he considerate, does this s/he inspire me to be a better person and to take positive action? Having personally met HRM, I can say that he is quite harmless compared to those who badmouth people who they have never met.

    Bliss Forth,

  12. J. Clifford says:

    Rumors and journalistic investigations are not the same thing. Jasmuheen’s fraud was aught on videotape.

    Do you think that the videotape is a fraud too, so much do you trust in Jasmuheen?

    Do you think that the people who died because of Jasmuheen’s teachings were mere rumors?

    Hira Ratan Manek’s claims have also been disproven, not with rumors, but with solid research.

    If the nutritional programs associated with the Raw Spirit Festival are evaluated with the same dramatic lack of vigor as your evaluation of Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek, then I would warn anyone from following the advice of your speakers.

    Why won’t you expand your conciousness enough, as Govinda states, to look the facts instead of closing your eyes and bumbling around in the dark by feel?

  13. Iroquois says:

    Oh, dearie dear, J. Clifford, are you judging people by what they do instead of by what they say? How can you badmouth people you have never met? Bad, bad, gossipy J.Clifford.

    Journalists have said many unkind, gossipy things about Al Capone, but did they ever meet him? If you go over to his home town right now all kinds of people will tell you about how he gave money to have the neighborhood children get into the movies during the depression. Anyone who personally met him says Al Capone was harmless, considerate, compassionate. What does it matter what else Al Capone did? Or what the gossips claim he did. Not if he had a good rap. The important thing is that when Al Capone met people he could look them in the eye and give them a good feeling.

  14. ripley says:

    HRM is a fraud and has been proven as such.

    there are no scientific studies from reputable sources ( Mayo clinic would be a start ) .

    you can’t get ‘food’ from the sun. I dare anyone to not ingest anything but water in a CONTROLLED environment with the sun as a sole source of nurishment.

    as for Manek – his wife was giving him buttermilk, very high in calories and fat. you can thrive off of it.

    so much for the sun.

    better eyesight from the sun ? maybe temporarily it seems so , but what it does is open up receptors. Once those have been affected long enough you can find they may not be as sensitive to the dark anymore. In effect your ability to see at night decreases.

    what a sad lot you are . trying to fill a inner hole with a fraud. fill it with yourself.

  15. Happy Oasis says:

    HRM was quite possibly the most well-loved of all the speakers at last year’s conference. He did not make reference to breatharianism, but helped hundreds to become closer with their relationship with the early morning and late evening sun inviting people to walk barefoot on the earth, to be in touch with their breathing, body, thoughts and feelings. Everyone was touched by his kindness and compassion, just as thousands are inspired by Jasmuheen. I understand that you dislike them. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. I am not going to budge in your direction because they are dear friends – not merely strangers who I read about, friends who have lovingly won the hearts and respect of thousands due to their lovingkindness and commitment to peace. So let us end this conversation, shall we, like lady and gentlemen, and simply agree to disagree.

  16. Loremaster Cimmaron Desert Skye says:

    I want to eat you.

  17. Horatio says:

    You have a relationship with the sun, Happy? Is that like a relationship with Jesus?

    Since when do we need gurus to be in touch with our own feelings?

    Many con artists are well-loved by their victims. Why should people just agree to disagree with people like you, when you’re helping con artists defraud people?

  18. Iroquois says:

    Doesn’t that change things, though, if Manak doesn’t talk about breatharianism? Sounds like he’s backed off of promoting that, and backed off of the claims about having a relationship with NASA too. He’s just talking about sungazing. What about that, though? I always heard looking at the sun could cause retinal damage, especially if you look during an eclipse when the low level of light fools your eyes into thinking it’s safe to look.

    How can looking at something improve your eyes? People are nearsighted or farsighted because the shape of the eyeball causes the point of focus through the lens of the eye to fall either in front of or behind the retina. Maybe you can strengthen the muscles that focus the lens a little bit, but that isn’t improving your eyesight. Were these people not paying attention in eighth grade health class?

  19. Peregrin Wood says:

    Hira Ratan Manek is now claiming that you get nutrition from sunlight. I’ve read one of his disciples claiming that the morning sunlight contains more minerals than evening light.

    Same old hucksterism.

  20. Iroquois says:

    O Skye Trismegistus, thrice wise, thrice great, thrice blessed, put down your fork for just one minute.

    You’re charging what, $132 for your Speakarian telepathic seminars? Consider the Raw Spirits.

    For their Festival, booths cost an average of $800 per vendor. There are currently 59 vendors listed, (although some newspaper accounts say there is a potential for 245 vendors) so this is a minimum of $47,200. Then count the number of hotel rooms specifically reserved for the event at discount prices–111 rooms. If there is only one person in each room, each paying a $300 entrance fee for the festival, this is another 33,300. So far they are grossing $80,500, at the most conservative estimate, in fees alone. Their “vision” is for a “world gathering” of 10,000 participants, let’s see–times 300, that’s a lot of zeros–I get 3 million dollars. Some vision.

    Then consider the expenses the vendors rack up. If they are selling food, they have to buy the ingredients. If they are selling books, they have to pay for publishing. No matter what they peddle, they have to haul it around. But if they are selling air and sunlight? Ah, no transportation problems, no spoilage problems, no hassles with the health department food inspectors, and no backstrain from carrying stuff around. There’s gold in them thar hills.

    No wonder Happy wants to defend her nice, oh so charming friends. So, O Silent Telepathic One, maybe you could join them and get cut in for a piece of the action. Or maybe there is a market for an alternative non-huckster festival with the breatharian element uh, culled out, as it were. You could save some food expenses on protein sources there. Maybe Howard Dean can suggest a high profile keynote speaker.

  21. Happy Oasis says:

    Dear Enthusiastic Skeptics,

    THANK YOU for publicizing the Raw Spirit Festival with such vicious negativity. It has aroused more people to register than ever before! (well, possibly a partial result of being given attention by your absurdly fault-finding tabloid.)

    Whoever is paying you to write these comments, perhaps anti-health lobbyists, are creating the opposite of their intended effect. Thank you for the many giggles generated by your far out comments. They continue to entertain our participants.

    The Raw Spirit Festival is a non-profit 501C3, whre all the employees including me are getting paid $10 per hour. The commenter apparently has never put on a festival of this dimension before and is unaware of the expenses of feeding thousands organic raw vegan meals throughout the 3 day weekend. Our expenses willl top $200,000 to $300,000! Thus far we are a long way off from breaking even. Donations are appreciated. With the continued biting support of Irregular Times, perhaps we will reach our goals. This time wisdom and lovingkindness prevails. People attracted to Raw Spirit Festival are smart and can see malicious smearing for what it is. Thank You Irregular Times for all of your support! We Love You and continue to invite you to the Raw Spirit Festival, the Biggest Raw Vegan Healthy Living, Eco-Sustainable Solutions, World Peace Event on Earth! October 12th – 14th, 207 in Spectacular Sedona, Arizona!



    At Your Service,
    Call Us Here At Raw Spirit Festival Headquarters if you have any questions,
    Peace & Hugs,
    Happy Oasis
    928.776.1497 and 928.708.0784

  22. Eddie Ladd says:

    I think that the Raw Spirit Movement is the future. It is rediculous to me that anyone would try to slander something as whole. The people involved with this movement are the best people I have met in a lifetime and What they believe in is sustaining life. What The founders of this site are doing is continuing war. Get over it. You have no idea where the truth lies until you have been fully filled with the truth. There is no reason for you to speak badly against something you have not experienced for yourself. Breathing is natural to living, but you would be surprised at how often you hold your breath. How holding your breath leads to stress. i am not a breatharian so to speak, but I have learned alot from thier teaching. There are things we spend alot of money that waste away and serve nothing but selfish desires. What is the sin in spending money on something that sustains life, betters the planet and promotes harmony? Become aware of the Truth and You shall truly be filled with a sense of peace and surpasses anything you have ever experienced.

    Thank you for listening. The Raw Spirit Festival Will change your life and give you options. Which is more that the average media broadcast or slander site can do.

  23. Eddie Ladd says:

    Let us not forget what it means to be non profit. Let us consider that the vendors are happy to come at the price and are in no way duped. Let us consider the amount of time that goes into spreading the word about such a event. Let us consider the festival is providing the meals for said participants for the full 3 days. Let us consider that the Festival is picking up the tab on many of the hotel rooms for speakers and musicians.. Let us consider the fact that this is a step in the right direction. Let us consider what it is the skeptics are doing to make this world a more livable place. What have you done lately, other than complain about someone elses efforts. There is no room for bullies or tyrants or war in this world. The war is over and that starts in your minds.

  24. Horatio says:

    Happy, don’t you have even the discipline to end a conversation when you want to?

    You’re happily promoting people who have been exposed as con artists, and that’s not something that seems very enlightened to me.

    Do you have any evidence that the people at Irregular Times are being paid by “anti-health lobbyists” to write the articles exposing the truth about your Breatharian keynote speakers? I think not.

    The people at Irregular Times has evidence associating YOU and the Raw Spirit Festival with known fraud.

    I think that difference speaks quite well for itself.

  25. Eddie Ladd says:

    The Raw Spirit Festival showcases the movers and shakers of the raw foods movement. We are proud of our star-studded cast of raw vegans, which includes invited guests Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone and Sharon Wynters (Catwoman from the original Batman TV Show). Now confirmed to join them is Happy Days’ own Jillybeans?, Cathy “Gojiberry” Silvers, whose example inspires us into actively living the healthiest life we can.

    Raw Spirit Festival participants learn exquisite recipes during Gojiberry’s Raw Food Festival Demo, plus they are encouraged to visit Gojberry’s Raw Spirit Festival booth featuring her products and books, and the inside scoop on her TV and internet television programs. Her successful internet TV series The Healthy Living Show can be viewed at

    Nestled among Sedona’s gorgeous red rock cliffs, the Raw Spirit Festival is the international gathering of the thriving raw vegan and eco-peace movement. One of our central aims is sharing the wisdom about how adopting a raw vegan diet is a sound, easy, healthy, sustainable and fun solution to not only health challenges but also global warming and environmental degradation. Why is raw veganism ‘The Sustainable Feast’? It reduces and eliminates pollutants caused from cooking, shipping and excess packaging since raw vegans generally prefer to eat local, fresh produce as Nature intended.

    Well-loved presenters such as David Wolfe, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, Brian Clement and over 50 dynamic others will be joining Cathy on the outdoor and indoor stages at the festival. To learn about who and what else is happening each year, see
    Raw Spirit is a three-day annual festival suited for individuals, groups, grown-ups and kids, featuring inspirational and educational entertainment, personal growth, healing, nature, music, dance, community-building, creativity, and fabulous friends! In the ticket price are seven organic raw vegan ethnic meals, interactive workshops, a mini electric vehicle festival, raw food prep demos and tastings, a sacred exercise area with ongoing yoga, meditation, nomadics and chi gung, raw vegan food prep demos, a massage and healing area, Electric Vehicle Mini Festival, sharing leadership circle, a mini raw film fest, wild herb walks, streamside nature hikes, artistic opportunities, a cuddle party booth, a conscious speed dating game, 250 educational exhibitors, world class musicians, dancers and performers including fire dancers, screen dancers, and ceremonialists, raw coaching free to participants, and so much more.

    I am sorry I cannot find fault in this. Is it just because its a movement in Spirit? Is that why it bothers you? Providing proof of your claims. Undeniable proof. I have personally seen living proof of people being cured of fatal disease by changing to a raw food diet. I know people who no longer have to worry about thier future, because they are now more aware of the effect stress and unhealthy living has had on thier past. I stand for what is for the Highest good and For Once it Will prevail over the Fearmongers. I am so over living in fear of anything. I choose life. I am ever present and of service to this planet and humankind. I believe in lifting another up and not letting the down. I believe in a world where we pay attention to our actions and apply ownership to our lives. Where we are fully aware and capable of learning to interact with this planet on a equal basis. If you sit back and think, I mean really ponder, the first clear display of prejudice was against the Earth and clearly its still going on today. Think about what you can do to better the world and please stop feeding the ideas that have never served the highest good.

  26. Iroquois says:

    Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    What about the four people who died as a result of following the breatharian diet?

    Is this an example of how breatharians “pay attention to actions” and “apply ownership to lives”?

    Do you believe people can live on nothing but air?

  27. Peregrin Wood says:

    And why don’t you mention Hira Ratan Manek and Jasmuheen, people who have made their living off of teaching people that they can be healthy without eating anything?

    Why don’t you mention these two people, well-known to be con artists, that have been included as keynote speakers at the Raw Spirit Festival?

    Are there any other con artists at the Raw Spirit Festival that you’re not telling us about?

  28. Eddie Ladd says:

    Provide proof of these claims.. Give actual links to feeds supplying information about these so called deaths. I mean really has anyone done research into the previous conditions of said people? Or are you just listening to media hype. I am not one to watch television so I am not aware of any fraudulent activity by said speakers. You all have gone on and on about this, but not one of you shows proof.

  29. Horatio says:

    You actually believe, Eddie, that people can gain adequate nutrition without eating food?

    Do you, Eddie? Do you?

    That’s what Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek claim, and the information about this activity is easily available.

    You’re in denial, Eddie. That’s not enlightenment.

  30. Eddie Ladd says:

    all I am asking for proof not your opinion of my awareness. YOu dont Know me Horatio… I dont live my Jasmuheen or Hiras words or teachings. I have been self taught most of my life. I live in undeniable truth and have seen undeniable proof of what raw food can do for you. I have never done just air or just sun, so I can speak of this. So dont speak to me about denial unless your willing to looking into your own mirror.

  31. Eddie Ladd says:

    If its so easy provide it. Dont Cry wolf and then not show me where the Wolf is undeniably. If you don’t then I am forced to push your ideas a side as false. Your the ones claiming to know so much yet all i see is a bunch of hype. So lets get off the soap box and make a difference. Got It Gooood.

  32. Iroquois says:

    If you google “breatharian death” you will get a lot of pertinent hits.

    A well-organized collection of links–including the story of how Jasmuheen failed to demonstrate her fasting claims on 60 Minutes–can be found in Wikipedia:

    Here’s also some more detail about the case of the Aurtrailian couple convicted of manslaughter in the death of a woman being initiated into breatharianism:

    The frightening thing about the breatharians is how gullible some people are in accepting it as true, when it is scientifically impossible. It’s almost as if the followers had no common sense or judgment. Or maybe they are so desperate for approval they will pretend to believe anything in order to have a temporary friend or an authority figure that is not overtly abusive towards them. Although following authority figure to the death proves how ultimately abusive the relationship really is.

  33. Horatio says:


    Iroquois is right. Major investigations were done back in the 1990s. The materials are easily available for anyone who cares to see it. You don’t care to see it.

    The very fact that you say that you “live in undeniable truth” is serious cause for concern.

    Iroquois can cite you plenty of sources. Irregular Times has cited the nonsense about Hira Ratan Manek and NASA. The James Randi article has already been cited to you. The very web site of Jasmuheen’s American disciple has been cited.

    It won’t matter to you how many sources are cited. You’ll go on believing that you “live in undeniable truth” until you have the strength to look at the tremendous absurdity of the claims being made all around you.

    I don’t need a source to state confidently that Jasmuheen is a con artist when she tells her followers that they can live and be healthy without eating food.

    Wake up, Eddie. Raw Spirit Festival is full of sloppy, careless, dangerous avoidance of basic common sense.

    Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t find it there.

    That said:

    Yahoo! News UK, Oct. 25, 1999

    “Jasmuheen, who claims not to have eaten real food for years, agreed to be cut off from the outside world for the test. But the programme-makers were forced to call a halt to the trial after four days when she showed signs of becoming seriously ill.”


    The Times of London, April 6, 2000

    “Jasmuheen, a mother of two, said on Scot FM that she felt no responsiblity for any of the four deaths around the world which have been linked to her teachings. She said that Verity Linn, died of “exhaustion and exposure” which had nothing to do with her fast. During the lecture, Jasmuheen told her audience that she last ate a proper meal in 1993 and claimed that she survived by “tapping into an alternative source of nourishment” which came from within.”

    “Although Jasmuheen claims that she has no trouble living without food, some of her followers find it more difficult. Two years ago one of her disciples in Australia was photographed coming out of a fast food shop munching on a chicken pie. And an Australian journalist who was checking on to a flight with Jasmuheen was surprised to hear the airline attendant ask the cult leader to confirm that she had ordered a vegetarian meal. Jasmuheen quickly denied it, then changed her mind. “Yes, I did but I won’t be eating it,” she said.”

    The Times of London isn’t good enough for you, Eddie?

    Why don’t you ask yourself why a woman who chooses to name herself HAPPY OASIS is putting this well exposed and dangerous con artist up as a keynote speaker at the Raw Spirit Festival.

    The Sunday Mail, June 24, 2000

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 9, 2000

    People DIED, Eddie. Dead. Raw dead.

    From THE WORLD’S WORST: A Guide to the Most Disgusting, Hideous, Inept and Dangerous, People, Places and Things on Earth:

    “Jasmuheen writes about how ‘Ascended Masters’ speak to her via cosmic telepathy and how she is able to draw upon invisible “pranic energy” for her sustenance.”

    What, do you want me to PROVE to you that Jasmuheen does not communicate with Ascended masters through cosmic telepathy?!?

    The Sunday Times, September 26, 1999

    Jasmuheen, Ellen Greve “charges more than £1,500 for tickets to her seminars”

    This fraud profits from telling people to stop eating food to reach enlightenment, but says that if people starve to death, that’s their fault, not hers.

    Get a grip, Eddie! The Raw Spirit Festival is showcasing FRAUD.

  34. Iroquois says:

    Wait, Horatio, we don’t know for a fact that Eddie “doesn’t care to see” the facts about the breatharians. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to look stuff up on the web. Maybe it never occured to him to do any fact-checking about the more colorful characters at the convention. Wait ’til he can look over some of the information that’s accumulated over the years, then see what he says. Maybe he actually works for the Festival and can’t publicly say what he really thinks and still continue to receive a paycheck.

    I am curious about this phrase Eddie wrote: “I. ..have seen undeniable proof of what raw food can do for you.” I have been a vegetarian and I know a lot of normal people who have been vegetarians, but this sounds like the festival promoters are talking about a lot more than vitamins. What kind of mystical claims are they making about raw food?

  35. hariprem dada says:

    To all the festival bashers
    Just because four people supposedly died trying to be breatharians does not prove anything.. nor that certain breatharians are “proved to be frauds” does not even prove that breatharianism is false. 50,000 people died in car crashes last year.! does that make driving a fatal disease? If I allow a speaker from General Motors at my event does that make me a murderer? Give me a holy break… what about free speech. You are bashing Happy for trying to have a healing event because you do not agree with the philosophy of two of the thousands of participants and hundreds of vendors and tens of speakers. So glad you are working so hard to save the planet from false prophets. Don’t know how we could possibly be safe without you.

  36. Sarah says:

    wowzers, every body sounds so angry and so sarcastic. eek!

    i personally think the festival sounds amazing. i’m all for healthy living, eco-sustainable solutions and world peace too! we all are! it’s wonderful that so many people are so passionate about these subjects! it has lead all of us to look into the folks who are a part of this and try to find out more!

    it seems to be pretty important to always do your own investigating instead of just taking someone’s word for it. so i guess what we should do from there, is use our own brains, and search our own feelings and respect those of others. if anyone has a problem or disagrees with some of the philosophies of someone, then he/she has the free will to search out those with whom he/she is more in alignment with. maybe skip the whole “anti” thing.

    i’m pretty sure that the raw spirit festival is dedicated to helping, and to celebrating loving qualities and to help bring that light into more people’s lives. sounds pretty good to me. and if i were not interested in hearing some of the speakers speak, maybe that would be a good time to go watch a food demo, or take a yoga class, or join a drum circle!

    hmmm… maybe, i would even take the opportunity to speak to one of those people in an honest, open and loving way face to face, human to human and get to the bottom of all this!

  37. Peregrin Wood says:

    So then, Sarah – do you believe as Jasmuheen was HELPING people by charging them over a thousand pounds to attend workshops about how to healthy by eating no food?

    Do you believe her and Hira Ratan Manek when they say that you can get nutrition from sunlight, and that grass is an unhealthy plant that saps people of energy if they stand on it with bare feet?

    Do you really think that this kind of nonsense helps people?

    If so, I invite you, at an entry cost of five thousand dollars, to participate in a telepathic study course. At the end of the course, you will receive an invisible city at the bottom of the ocean.

  38. Iroquois says:

    I hear they’re gonna have great koolaid at the Festival–it’s to die for. Hee,hee.

  39. Ralph says:

    Nice one Happy:

    “Having personally met HRM, I can say that he is quite harmless compared to those who badmouth people who they have never met.”

    Why Happy, you’re badmouthing people who badmouth people who they have never met–even though you have never met them!

    Wheee! Raw spirit is FUN!

  40. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Hello, I want to announce that I am a Planarian.

    Many skeptics, who do not understand Planarianism, think that this means that I eat planets.

    Why must they be so negative in the face of my undeniable proof of superiority? All I am trying to do is to help everyone get healthy, at a fee of one thousand dollars per workshop.

    No, as a Planarian, I do not claim to eat planets. I only claim to be a flatworm.

  41. Sharon says:

    Wow.. What about our agency to choose what we want to do or who we want to look to as a teacher?
    I am sure if we dug deep into everyone’s lives we would be able to find “stuff” on everyone we met. Bad relationships, possible cheating on a diet, or on a test, speaking unkindly, whatever…
    There are 3 sides to every situation, yours, mine and Gods. We all know which one is the truth, yet we have our own stories which help to form our beliefs which make it all really confusing or slanderous. Just like what is happening in front of our eyes, every day…in this wonderful country we choose to live in. Should we all move? That is a whole different topic.

    Do you know how many people die each year from taking medications that are prescribed by physicians? Tons…and there are so many horrible and irreversible effects that happen from the combination of different meds in a body at the same time. It might be more prudent for you to go and look up the sites talking about these people and situations and create blogs or threads about those doctors.
    As far as agency, personal will and choice, there are many who go on a fast or on a diet, and over do it. Or play a sport, or do a physical activity and over do it, or take more than suggested on a supplement bottle or get hurt in a yoga class. Was that what was prescribed by their personal trainer, teacher or their nutritionist? NO! They chose..

    I have a friend who was on a supervised fasting retreat. After fasting for nearly a month, he was reintroducing food…and he had a reaction which seemed like it could be a mental breakdown.
    None of the others on the retreat had this reaction. As it turns out, he was clearing some old stuff, and it was really a kundalini awakening, opening up and moving through some energy in his body in such a way that he did not understand it. Should we expose the person who was leading the retreat because someone had that reaction? I do not think so.
    The same thing does not happen to everyone.
    I am totally about exposing truth, and at least knowing about all sides of an equation….so I can then make an informed decision.
    Any great teacher will say something to the effect of not to believe anything they say, but to listen, and then do your own research, and have your own experience with the teaching.
    What is really going on in the world today? Does anyone really ever know the truth? Who can we believe? The media? I don’t think so. Most media, even if it is alternative, and not censored, is biased. Do we really know the facts to every situation and the health of the people prior to them engaging a new lifestyle? Was anyone there to monitor their every move and every breath to see and to be aware of all of the factors at play? Every body is different and we all react differently to every situation, food, person, etc…
    This is why we were given the gift of choice. We also come into this world with a predisposed number of breaths and days that we will live. It truly is all about the quality of life one can enjoy while inhabiting our body.

    My experience with HRM was at the previous Raw Spirit Festivals and was very positive. I loved his presence. He was kind and gentle and very humble. Very peaceful and loving. Happy captured the essence of what he shared well.
    He was teaching people a method that worked for him, in his life. To safely look at the sun, at the safe times of the day, and for very short times, and then to build up. To become a solar chip.
    He said that as you start building up this kind of internal energy and health, there may be a time when you would require or desire less intake of food.
    That is only my interpretation and experience of what he taught. It is not yours. Have your own experience by attending his lecture, or get directly in touch with him, and go to the source.
    I have never personally met Jasmuheen, so I am not going to comment. Once again I invite you to have your own personal experience by being with her in person, either at a lecture or by direct contact on the phone.
    I would love to know what your personal path is as far as how you eat, what kind of work you do, who pays you to do your work, and how you worship?
    What motivates you?
    I do appreciate your desire to help to protect others from what you and others may perceive as dangerous.

    Remember there is always more…

  42. Aeon says:

    As I begin to see the War of Minds, I am amused by the fact that there are some who choose to honor those they don’t know, as well as bash those they don’t know. Its extremely rare to see a bad taste turn into blatant compassion. What is not rare is to find one who will try to destroy the whole for fear. Instead of isolating the glitch in the system and being willing to think on the level of the highest good and help those involved become better. Be the 1%. Forgiveness is the key to compassion and true shift. Forgetfullness… is the method that allows the change to come solidified and manifests throughout the grid with little resistance. If you can follow this line of thought, you might find that ones personal truth is ones personal truth. We must be willing to allow this truth to grow. If we choose to support or not, is merely part of the par upon this particular course. If We support then we stand in the Circle Knowing that we represent this Ideal rather silently or aloud.

    {maybe just maybe we do so because of a personal experience or maybe to help resolve a trauma, or maybe because its a habit of ours}

    If not, all that means is it doesn’t resonate with you. If it dont resonate, move away from it. NOW. If you happen to know any ( I mean any) particular groups or individuals who would benefit from your resonation, then by all means share. But it is wrong to believe that your resonation or lack there of applies to the world as a whole. It is wrong to bash a group, who obviously is pointing in the direction of the highest good. Especially *(having done some research) one that is a non profit and whose founder makes about 6 bucks an hour, supports a whole house of wanting better life people, and works 10 to 12 hours because she believes in RAw Food (mores research_ Has been a raw/vegan foodist for over a decade) and what it can do for her. She Is willing to open her home to strangers. and allow them the loving space to change their eating habits and thier lives. That’s what the Raw Spirit Festival is about: Healthy Living, Eco Sustainable Solutions (lets see who else is coming Electric car builders… Wind technology, recycled clothing, … and more… Look How many sponsors from the biggest orgs on this planet that are working Together with the festival on saving the very existence, you cherish) and World Peace (instead of the Centuries, Eons of War We have choosen. I am over it. The ability to reconcile is mine. I no longer live in the “Without A
    Ability to Reconcile”)

    So trying to single out a couple of bad apples is to be done with them not the whole. People obviously believe in a president that blanantly has no regard for America, only his pocket book. If you say you dont why oh y is he still the damn president… why hasnt someone started something that would guarantee it is out of OFFICE>>>>huh.. you’ll organize here like this to scream fraud at two but not scream Tyrant and another. Not Stand For you Soveirgn rights.. Hmmm … kind of reminds me of bullies, gangs and kids… who have stopped rebeling long enough to WAKE UP. We have pharamacies that kill. Doctors that Kill. We live in a mostly dead world. We eat dead Food and you know what It KILLS US.

    So If someone wants to say Let me try another Road, Like Breatharian or Raw Vegan Or Yoga Or Meditation Or Wanna be LIKE Ghandi or even those who believed in Vampyrism… what ever it is that floats you to your new arena. If one chooses a path and ends up dying……>

    There are a few reasons that could happen. FEAR would be the first… Fear kills more people than war does boys and girls…then there is the thing that comes after fear…. healing. Anyone that has healed spiritually or from an illness knows how wierd it feels… if you have ever been “miracuolously” Healed…. its like losing a friend. Whatever Dis~ease your asking to be rid of Is erraticated, exorcized..whateva begins to die or strait up dies depending on your faith and the healers….. and your left with a void, that should (I will say this once, my belief) get filled with love (for yourself~no better remedy than love has ever been found for fear, if you love you no longer fear, knowledge is very effective too, but not always as effective as love, because love, like fear, springs from the instinctual dimension and one instinct is easier to defeat by another, than by knowledge or reason), gratitude (for making it through) and appreciation (for the one offering the service and the angels, guides and gods that led you there), instead most feel fear, anxiety, loss, and a whole sleu of other things. Its wierd too most choose to go back instead of forward. In all of my clients (confidential) I would say 13% turn back to thier misery state, instead of accepting the truth and healing.

    Ok…. jumping down from my box….. let me just finish on this thought.. If someone dies because they tried something new… take a look at who they were first… (its only fair) did they have pre-existing conditions…? Should they have waited and got rid of some other stresses first…..Like smoking…or drinking or a abusive relationship (should they have learned to ease them slowly off those nipples and then tried the new extremely difficult way of life (breatharianism) Only they know thier truth and reasons, maybe they were fed up and went fanactically into the night… because of the promise.. Like those who follow prophets.

    The truth is boys and girls their are a number of people who die because of what they beleived in.. sometimes because its against the big blah blah or sometimes because they are unwilling to become friends with thier soul and spirit and truly sit in awareness of the Fact that their life is in shambles and the earth is in shambles and fear sucks and death is the norm and they want OUT! We were taught to forget our connection…. thats the thing to have exposed in these forums. We were taught that death is natural… and we should be afraid. and emmerse ourselves in it… Ta Hell With that… I choose NOW>LIFE and I pay attention to it. I take everything with a grain of salt unless its proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt, by three unrelated unprompted resources.( we call that syncronicities, or vu ja de…tee hee deja vu… ) Then its my truth. I listen to my body and my mind and then sort it out in my spirit and have council with my best friend, soul. So as my last words…tonight.. . i had to quit alot of harmful habits (meaning would have killed me) to become a person of intergrity… and its only due to this choice that I am a Healthy, Loving, Successful Man, who heals not only the planet, but Most of those who choose contact with him…I Live Authentically Outloud….. May your life be filled with Nothing But Bliss. May you stand for your Truth and be blessed for sharing this space in harmony. Working Harder to remain in balance than trying to unbalance a higher good and be willing to approach your afllictions rather than dance around them for that is For your Highest good. Living in now means never taking for granted, always considering all sides and only speaking from truth or else remaining Silent and allow the world to figure out thier own and go with thier own resonations to gain thier own wisdoms. Namaste ~AEON

  43. Horatio says:

    Wow! So, when the Breatharian keynote speakers at the Raw Spirit Festival teach people to stop eating, food, and then those students die, we should blame the death on a previous smoking habit?!?

    Does the absurdity of New Age cultism never end?

  44. Aeon says:


  45. Aeon says:

    Its very sad that your unwilling to recognize that people can adapt thier minds and bodies to become sustained on a multitude of things. Do I really have drag in the many cultures that share a deversified diet, lifestyle etc… I mean come on… It is becoming obvious that your only purpose here is to live in fear and argue.

  46. Horatio says:

    Should we embrace fraud?

    Why is it sad that I recognize a con artist when I see one, and that I’m not willing to accept absurd ideas? I’m not sad about it.

    I think it’s sad to see people spending thousands of dollars on fake health schemes that don’t work

  47. Aeon says:

    They obviously do work for some .. There is an institute devoted to it.

  48. Aeon says:

    ‘this is my last comment.. horatio.. You Ask if you should embrace fraud…? You embrace fraud everytime you spend money, pay takes, eat fast food… and all sorts of other things. It truly amazes me that Such Frauds as you call them would have Such A Huge Following and Why no one ever took them to court for killing thier so and so…

  49. Anonymous says:

    I have major problems with people who try to defy science.

    New-Agers are nearly as bad as conservative Christians in this respect. Frankly, I like neither bible-bashers nor hippies.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The last reported death appears to be 1999 is that right

  51. Anonymous says:

    Heres something interesting. A response… and even more interesting is she is not in jail, which is what happens to murders right? Well obviously the System did not feel she commited a crime. So I would say shes been pardoned by the most important people in society Th’E Law.

  52. Iroquois says:

    Well, Loremaster Cimmaron Desert Skye, where’s YOUR Institute? How can you expect anyone to worship at your feet unquestioning if you don’t have an Institute??

    Now, finally we have the definitive Breatharian belief system starting to emerge for our scrutiny. I have learned that
    1)Through forgetfulness one can find one’s “personal truth” (as opposed to absolute truth?) and stand in the Circle.
    2)Pharmacies kill.
    3)Doctors kill.
    4)Fear kills more people than war
    5)Breatharians die, not because they can’t live without food, but “because they are unwilling to become friends with ‘thier’ soul and spirit”
    6)If someone starts hallucinating after having no food for a month, it’s because they have an invisible kundalini snake in their body awakening energy
    7)It’s okay to teach people things that will kill them or fraudulent things as long as you are nice.
    8) Some people are so desperate for approval, or to have someone act like they like them, they don’t care if they are being fooled or even harmed.
    9)It’s okay to take people’s money in a fraudulent scheme and to prey on ignorant people, as long as you are nice to them.
    10) Breatharians don’t ever claim to make any money even though they promote festivals and sell books since everything they do is Non-Profit. Of course we have to take their word for it on that.

    Next we will be hearing that illness is not caused by germs but by evil spirits.

    I can see why someone would want to eat these people. I’m thinking Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce. And beer.

  53. SRir.tek says:

    people charge rediculous amounts for rediculous things. If some is willing to pay 1000’s for something that is their choice. Call them on it… If you feel its a fraud then dont spend your damn money on it… Freaks.

  54. Iroquois says:

    OMG, the Breatharians have managed to insert an invisible kundalini bug into number 8 of my points. I most certainly did not put that there.

  55. Tanis says:

    I notice your iroquois dont provide a website to back up who you are. I notice that your started down the right path of learning from what you read then you started misrepresenting and misquoting and adding your own assumptions. Enjoy the idiotic protrayal your making yourself out to be here. I have never seen such blatant childishness. Leave the Festival alone and go after the breathers. I mean what The Frick is up with you. Expose them.. because as far as I can see your points are stupid.. So what if some friggin died… People die every friggin day.. from all kinds of friggin things. So get a grip Iroquis and the rest of your ranters. I come here for info not Cry babies. Your not doing anyone any good. So get over yourselves.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Tanis says:

    how many idiots does it take to screw up a good thing.?

  57. Sharon says:

    It is obvious that you are not into Breatharians….or that way of life, or as you put it, death. OK we got it.
    We are also not interested in hearing any more of why.

    Not all of us who are into Raw Food, or the like, are hippies or New Age. And once again that is just more separation that you are creating. Keep it up. That is one of the main reasons that the planet is having so many problems. Hatred prevails…where love should exist. Not everyone is into the same things. That makes us unique. Honor that diversity.

    And actually, most illness is caused by our thoughts. Believe it or not, I really do not care. AND I am not going to make it my life purpose to come and look for you and make sure you do believe it or anything I say.

    Have your own experience…that is all I am saying. Go right to the source and confront them….instead of being the bully here on this site. Get all of the details directly from the people whom you are slandering. I am sure you can figure out how to get in touch with them.
    WE all have much more important things to do with our precious time.

    Come, or don’t come to the festival. It is sure to be a great event with lots of wonderful people, great food, and great information, at a very reasonable rate. And if you think $300 is a lot of money to spend for all that will be included in that, then the more important question to ask yourself, is not ….wow, they are making so much money….or why is it so much…. BUT>>> it should be Why do I not have that money or why am I so resistant to spending it on myself? You are worth it, and you may actually surprise yourself and learn something new…

  58. sal says:

    Man, I hope you all are writing congress to impeach as many times as you are writing on this issue.

  59. Jim says:

    Boy, you all sure are angry when someone exposes the fraud, aren’t you?

  60. J. Clifford says:

    Wait a cotton-picking minute, Raw Spirit Festival people!

    You ask that the Breatharian con artists be separated from the Raw Spirit Festival. You say that the Raw Spirit Festival can’t be tainted by the Breatharian fraud.

    What you choose to ignore is that the Raw Spirit Festival made these snake oil salesmen KEYNOTE SPEAKERS!

    Happy Oasis, the founder and leader of the Raw Spirit Festival, has been informed of the fraudulent nature of Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek, and she chooses to keep them as keynote speakers to the Raw Spirit Festival!

    The leaders of the Raw Spirit Festival are knowingly promoting con artists.

    Yes, I think that creates a very strong reason to regard the entire Raw Spirit Festival with extreme suspicion. The judgment of the people at Raw Spirit Festival has been demonstrated to be lacking. I wouldn’t trust a single word of what they’re saying about the kind of food I ought to put into my mouth.

    What makes me chuckle most is the way that the defenders of this snake oil retreat will come here and tell us that there is not enough time in life to spend exposing con artists like Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek… because we ought to go pay money to the Raw Spirit Festival to go hear them rattle on about how we can live on nothing but air and sunlight.

  61. Iroquois says:

    Well, it looks like Sharon here helped me out in demonstrating the magical thinking problem the raw food movement has. She tells us “most illness is caused by our thoughts”. What a relief. Now we don’t have to worry about germs any more. Or washing. We can throw out chemistry, biology, physiology, antibiotics, the Food and Drug Administration, peer review, food safety, and modern medicine and just practice voodoo.

    Speaking of food safety, the basic premise of keeping food safe is to either heat it or refrigerate it in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. The food vendors at the Festival, most of which will be outdoors, will not have access to refrigeration, cooking facilities, or even electricity. They DO have access to a philosophy that tells them doctors kill people and disease is caused by bad thoughts. If someone at the festival did come down with food poisoning would they just say the person was experiencing an invisible kundalini snake awakening energy or, heaven forbid, stress, and forget to call the paramedics? And the True Believers would just say again, as Tanis does, “so what if someone friggin died”?

    If Elizabeth Kucinich stands on the same stage as these known frauds, what does that say about the Kucinich campaign?

    I can tell you what they would say if she stood on the same stage with neo-Nazis or the KKK.

  62. Ralph says:


    “Ok…. jumping down from my box….. let me just finish on this thought.. If someone dies because they tried something new… take a look at who they were first… (its only fair) did they have pre-existing conditions…?”

    By “tried something new,” you of course mean NOT EATING ANYTHING for an extended period of time. It’s been scientifically documented that NOT EATING is eventually 100% FATAL. Period. There’s a name for it: STARVATION.

    Why hasn’t a single Breatharian been able to go without food for, say, six months in a controlled, scientifically monitored setting? Oh, I’m sure you’ve got a reason–scientific skeptics exude invisible rays of bad juju that disrupt the subtle breatharian mojo that allows people to live without eating food. Or something like that.

    But gee, just because someone does something that is 100% fatal and then dies, you can’t blame the universally fatal behavior. What about PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS?!

    “Pre-existing conditions?”

    You sound exactly like the corrupt American healthcare system you are supposedly an alternative to.

  63. Ralph says:

    Oh, and Tanis with the Raw Spirit slogan:

    …People die every friggin day…

  64. Tanis says:

    J. Clifford, if you dont want to trust a single word that is said, then continue on your life and see how long you last. The world is diing rather you want to admit it or not and if we dont stop fighting amongst each other and get up and do something. Its not going to matter who did what 10 years ago. It was 1999 that these reports happen 1999… alot has happened and these people are still doing what they are doing. There are alot of intelligent people with connections coming to this festival. Why aren’t they saying anything. Answer me if you can. Evidentally the people that are coming to the festival are coming because they believe in the vendors and speakers. I have had people specifically ask me about Jas and that they cant wait to meet her. So They are not scared of your WMD’s that you claim to hidding in the RAW Food. Just kidding. I hope this discusson ends soon.

  65. Aeon says:

    Many individuals are attracted to the idea of being free from the need to eat food. Others desire to be
    free from all external attachments and seeking enlightenment, willingly begin to make adjustments to their lifestyles
    so that this is achieved. As we have often shared, there is nothing mysterious about living on light, it is a
    natural by product of connection with DOW Power (The power of the Divine One Within). How to hook into
    the DOW Power Channel or frequency is another issue and the purpose of this chapter.
    We call the process of connecting with DOW Power, DOW matching. How well we match depends on
    the lifestyles we live. Matching is about tuning two complimentary channels. The DOW dims itself and we get
    brighter. Then boom. We are hooked up – just like making a telephone call.
    This is basically what occurs during the 21 day process. A DOW match. A DOW match comes automatically
    at a certain level of fitness. Our desire to hook up allows a process of metamorphosis to begin that we
    can control the speed of. We control the speed through diet, meditation and through physical, emotional, mental
    and spiritual exercise.
    Mental exercise involves programming and mind mastery. Emotional exercise occurs through the way
    we co-exist in our relationships with each other. Spiritual exercise is the path all initiates take when they want to
    experience the ‘enlightening’ qualities of their DOW.
    As we have often stated, the 21 day process is a placebo for living on light. It is instead a powerful spiritual
    initiation that is not to be taken lightly. This initiation, if prepared for well, can leave you in a state of grace
    and wonder at the majesty of life – its sole purpose is to connect you consciously on a much deeper level with
    your DOW. When a deep connection has been made, you will find that you will be free from the need to eat for
    long periods of time. Some never return to food again preferring to be pranically nourished for its obvious benefits.
    Some don’t connect deeply enough to sustain being nourished in this way without a few negative side effects.
    Connecting more deeply to our DOW via this initiation results in different things for different people. For
    those of you drawn to spend 21 days in solitude and silent contemplation with the Divine, know that the less you
    are preoccupied with toxic dumping, aches and pains, doubts and fears, the more open you be to enjoy Its power
    and this process of frequency matching.
    Connecting with your DOW can be very addictive and brings both positive and powerful rewards. You
    can do it anytime without any process. Remember it is not necessary to undergo the 21 day process to experience
    DOW power and live on prana. Remember also that your desire, devotion, discipline, discernment, and dedication
    all determine how well you connect. Getting fit on all levels also makes this connection so much easier.
    So, if you wish to undergo the 21 day process, and have researched all you can on the matter, and read
    my book “Living on Light” (also titled “Pranic Nourishment”) then the next step is to ask yourself and answer
    Are you Physically fit?
    ¨ Are you able to do at least one solid hour of exercise each day without problem?

    I recommend a cross training program for strength, grace, flexibility and stamina such as: – weight lifting,
    walking, yoga, isometrics, swimming, dance, marital arts etc – create a routine that you enjoy.
    ¨ Have you been a vegetarian for at least a few years?
    ¨ Prior to the process are you prepared to become vegan for 6 months, then raw food, then liquids for up to
    another 6 months before beginning the 21 day process?
    ¨ Have you done all you can do to detox your physical body system?
    ¨ Have you learnt about fasting and fasted on juice and/or water for over 7 days before?
    ¨ Over the years have you learnt to listen to the voic e of your body and treat it like a temple?

    Are you Emotionally fit?
    ¨ Do you have positive relationships with family and friends, do you feel content in life and happy with who you
    ¨ Have you worked through your personal agendas and are now wishing to only serve and have your life here
    make a positive difference to the planet?
    ¨ Have you sat down and asked yourself why you wish to do this?
    ¨ Have you looked at your emotional attachments to food?
    ¨ Are you disciplined enough to slowly eliminate everything but raw food from your diet?
    ¨ If so are you disciplined enough to then eliminate everything but fruit?
    ¨ Then everything but liquids? Are you aware how boring this limited flavor intake is for many?
    ¨ Are you aware how this lifestyle choice will impact on your social life? Does it matter?
    Are you Mentally fit?
    ¨ Do you KNOW and experience that you create your own reality?
    ¨ Do you exercise mind mastery and thus feel the benefits of applied positive thoughts and programming in creating
    a life that you feel is well worth living and that honors all life?
    ¨ Do you have a strong mind body connection?
    ¨ Do you listen to your body’s guidance on physical matters and thus no longer create dis-ease?
    Are you Spiritually fit?
    ¨ Have you been meditating regularly enough to feel the presence of the Divine One Within (DOW) you and
    have you experienced the benefits of daily meditation in your life?
    ¨ Have you learnt to listen to and trust the voice of the Divine Within you as it guides you in life?
    ¨ Are you prepared to be flexible and open and experiment with this new lifestyle regardless of what others
    ¨ Do you realize that the 21 day process will not ‘fix all your problems” and that the opposite may occur where
    all your problems are highlighted and can appear to be worse?
    ¨ Lastly did your heart really sing when you discovered information about this process – to the point where you
    just ‘know’ it is for you?
    Unless you can say ‘yes’ to all of the above, we recommend that you wait to do the 21 day process. Remember
    it is a high level initiation and the success of being nourished continually from prana after the process is
    totally dependant on the above issues. The continuation of this lifestyle choice takes both daily discipline, commitment
    and courage.
    Over the last 5 years in my research, I have heard so many stories on individuals who were physically fit
    from exercise, raw food diets etc who were not able to be sustained by prana even though they underwent the
    process exactly as outlined in our first book on this as they did not have a strong spiritual practice.
    I have also met many who were very spiritually fit and had a long history of meditation but encountered
    many difficulties as they were not physically fit. I have also met many who were physically fit and had meditated
    for many years but who didn’t apply mind mastery in their lives and hence were unconvinced that they create
    their own reality. I have also met many people who are fit on all levels but have absolutely no desire to cease eating
    Some ask me “does that mean I can’t do the process if I have some health problems?” Only in somecases do people who are not fit on all levels receive amazing healing from undergoing the process and yes, while
    some have been healed, others have experienced their problems becoming worse. Why it works for some and not
    others seems to be a matter of divine grace.
    While we understand that the type of person attracted to this is often very strong and not the type who
    needs or desires to be ‘told what to do’, we do stress that all who undergo this process, exercise common sense
    and caution and listen to their body and their DOW every step of the way. Hence we offer the above questions to
    ensure that you are well prepared and may enjoy this journey without unnecessary problems. Listening to, and
    trusting, our DOW is an imperative pre-requisite prior to undergoing the process.
    We have always assumed that any intelligent and discerning individual would automatically dismiss the idea
    of personally electing to go without food and water for seven days as being too extreme unless it was part of their
    blueprint to do this. These ones, having understood the process in the full context of what is involved, may intuitively
    choose to have this experience and in this case we would expect that they undertake the necessary training that is
    required to do it successfully.
    As the Light Ambassadors all know, it is impossible to extol the virtues of something verbally and do it justice.
    To gain a full understanding we must experience it ourselves.
    I also recommend a study of the Pranamaya Kosha and the five pranas which is an important subject in
    Ayurvedic medicine as well as in yogic thought. The website covers
    this in more detail in an article called “The Secret of Prana”.
    Enjoy the journey….
    And from the back cover of this book
    Living on Light
    “Ambassadors of Light – Living on Light” is Jasmuheen’s tenth book and the follow on to her best seller “Living on
    Light – Nutrition for the New Millennium”. No doubt this new work will be just as controversial as she continues
    to challenge the status quo and take the pranic nourishment discussion onto the global stage. In this book Jasmuheen
    offers practical solutions to world health and world hunger related challenges, via Mother Mary’s ‘Luscious
    Lifestyles Programs’ and via effective ways to redirect global resources. This also entails an in-depth look at the
    forgiveness of third world debt, and at fundraising for social welfare programs through global disarmament, the dissolution
    of prohibition in exchange for harm reduction programs, holistic re-education programs and the elimination
    of the need for the current level of personal pharmaceutical use through the practice of preventative medicine.
    “Ambassadors of Light” also looks at the undeniable long term benefits of vegetarianism in relation to health and
    resource sustainability levels, and also at the lifestyles that those who are now free from the need to eat food usually
    adopt. Jasmuheen also compiles statistics from the Light Ambassadry’s Global Research Project as well as the
    research of many others into this phenomena. This book is a collation of research, recipes and recommendations
    that if adopted, will radically alter the path of humankind!
    Imagine a world without war or hunger or fear?
    Imagine a world that is dis-ease free and unified
    where all life is honored?
    These are the dreams of the Ambassadors of Light as they support
    in the creation of personal and global paradise for all.

  66. Aeon says:

    isnt interesting… she actually explains the steps that it takes to become a breatharian. How many of you skeptics say you even have the discipline to make through part of this rigorous preparation. I prepare more self every day to become more and more perfect. My body, mind and soul coming into sync. Laying off smoking, drinking alcohol, and anything else that is Proven to kill people. I am aware of the consequences my actions have on the planet and myself and i choose to act for the highest good. What about you. Can you look inside first and find your own imperfections, your own fraud. Can you say you never lie. You have never gotten over on someone, did some one wrong, etc.. Can you. If you can I would like to shake the saints hand.

  67. Iroquois says:

    Well, I can see youse guys haven’t got the rigorousness necessary to become real Breatharians. Because you’re still typing. As soon as you become proper Breatharians and starve to death, YOU WILL STOP TYPING.

  68. Horatio says:

    Ah, but Aeon, I already know how to become a Breatharian. There are two paths:

    The higher path: Stop eating food and starve to death after giving a huge amount of money to Jasmuheen

    The lower path: Say that I can live without eating food, hide the cookies and ice cream down in the basement, and then go on tour calling myself Jiro Fewa Buta or Mushajeen, and then charge people a thousand dollars per workshop where I tell them that they can attain enlightenment by starving themselves.

  69. Ralph says:

    I can forgive someone a thousand years ago for figuring, well–

    We need energy in our bodies to live, the sun is a constant source of energy, so why not tap straight into it for sustenance?

    But you know, in the last few hundred years it really HAS been figured out quite rigorously that we get our energy from the sun indirectly, by ingesting plants that go through a process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. It has also been quite rigorously figured out that HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT PERFORM PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

    Oh wait, let me guess. You’ve heard the RUMORS about PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

    That’s your way to wisdom–dismiss science with a wave of the hand, and make contradictory claims with no basis whatsoever in anything but appeals to the fact that the person making the claim is a good egg, that people will fork over good money to listen to them (as though people spending money was a higher standard for truth than science…), and that, hey you should have an “open mind.”

    Sure. You’re a purple dingo from Peru.

    How do I know?

    People have paid lots of money to listen to me say you’re a purple dingo from Peru, therefore you are a purple dingo from Peru. Furthermore, you haven’t met me, so you don’t know the kind of loving nifty groove vibes I generate; I have met me and I am wonderful; therefore you are a purple dingo from Peru. Yes, I have heard the rumors that dingos are not purple, they do not come from Peru, and they can’t blog; but really, do you believe everything you hear? No? Good for you. Therefore you are a purple dingo from Peru. Maybe you should just open your mind to the possibility that you ARE a purple dingo from Peru; since you don’t believe it, your mind is not open; since I believe it, my mind is open; an open minded person says you are a purple dingo from Peru, a closed minded person says you are not a purple dingo from Peru; who should we believe–the closed minded or the open minded? We should obviously believe open minded people, therefore you are a purple dingo from Peru.

    Oh, and by the way, all purple dingos from Peru are to send me %1,000.00 on an annual basis–a small price to pay for discovering your true self.

  70. Iroquois says:

    I’d really like to believe you Ralph, but where’s your Website? Where’s your Institute? Where’s your photoshopped picture? And where’s your hippy trippy new age lingo? You begin to see the problem. You haven’t shown the traditional proofs.

    And quite frankly, if you don’t mind my being blunt, nobody is going to give any money to someone with a name like “Ralph”.

    My time and attention span are limited, so right now I am saving up the $132 for the telepathic Speakarian workshop on the 17 steps for how to speak without being heard:

    The mystical pandimensional guru Rampo Stele Skyan has the most incredible spiritual discernment and also there’s the way he looks without a shirt. Can you say “chick magnet”?

    Otherwise, with the right spin, your Purple Way of the Dingo sounds like it could have some promise. Perhaps sometime in the future…

  71. Ralph says:

    Alas, the subtle sound of the marvelous doctrine pleases not the vulgar ear. ‘Tis the way of things.

    Fortunately for you, the Ralpharian Way of the Purple Peruvian Dingo has compassion for you and those unfortunate beings like you. Students who, as a result of negative karma accrued in past lives, lack the superior intellectual faculties and exceptional powers of spiritual sensitivity necessary to realize their true identity as Purple Peruvian Dingos need donate a mere $100.00 yearly to our cause.

    Through these donations, you will accrue the merit necessary for a future incarnation in which you will possess the intelligence and spiritual capacity necessary to complete the Purple Peruvian Dingo Path. All merit thus accrued will go straight toward your future reincarnation as the kind of superior spiritual being that, um, we are; so if you don’t notice any results at all from paying your $100.00 annually, you can be quite certain that it’s working.

    But beware and mock not! The karmic retribution for those who disparage the Way of the Purple Peruvian Dingo is heavy indeed!

  72. Iroquois Purple Dingo says:

    Ralph, your doctrine reminds me of the old taxidermy trick of the creature with the coyote’s body and a rabbit’s head. Or was it a pheasant. Never mind. You have a bit of Buddhaism with the acquiring merit thing, some chain letter drivel with the negative reinforcement disparagement threat at the end, some intellectual crankiness in the middle, and at the core, some animal totem power symbolism that is both Native American and reminiscent of the European lycanthrope.

    Nonetheless, the doctrine does have some sound points. First “Ralpharian” is much more snobbish to the ear than “Ralph” and its somewhat bulimic sound might appeal to wannabe Breatharians who can’t stop eating. Second, the $100 donation puts it on par with Skyan’s Speakarian workshop and far, far ahead of Jasmuheen’s workshops (but not her books). So those of us who just want to dabble with spirituality on the weekend without eating a lot of icky raw rabbit food can have a chance with this one.

    So, in anticipation of finding my True Self, I would like to become a charter member of the Purple Dingo Path. You’re still gonna need a photoshopped picture and an Institute, though. I can also tell you I’m going to lose interest pretty quickly if this spiritual path doesn’t involve chocolate.

  73. Ralph says:

    Oh sure, didn’t you know?

    Purple Peruvian Dingos can eat all the chocolate they want and never gain an ounce!

    Of course, if you find that chocolate stays on your thighs, it can only mean one thing–You have strayed from the path, and fallen short of true Ralpharian Purple Dingoness.

    Out of my great compassion, I have allowed those who stray from the path to repent by sending me $500.00 and detailed confessional information on every sin you have ever committed (I won’t blackmail you, Noooo…).

    To see if it works, try wolfing down a pound or two of chocolate in the course of a day and see if it affects your weight. If it does, try repenting again!

  74. Iroquois Purple Dingo says:

    Oooh! I’m definitely on board.

    Don’t you know to read the fat content on the label? Those chocolate thingees with the peppermint inside have a fat content low enough they can actually claim to be “heart-healthy” on the package. So does Swiss Miss Rich Chocolate cocoa mix made with lowfat milk. It’s not the chocolate. It’s what you mix it with.

    It’s not enough to have a doctrine or even to have a food schtick. You also need to sell yourself as an otherworldy being with special esoteric knowledge. Then you need something the acolytes can do towards reaching their spiritual whatever, you know, like “steps” on the “path”–preferably something impossible to attain–to keep them from asking too many questions and focusing on your own qualifications.

    I’m outa here before the chocolate place closes.

  75. Ralph says:

    Ah, my young dingo.

    To truly grasp the profound and subtle meaning of the arcane nutritional content label, you must first grasp the verities that are reveal themselves only to those who have received the esoteric Ralphian Dingo(R) exegetical pointers.

    Only $1,000.

    A bargain indeed, if you want to know whether your food is “spirit healthy!”

  76. Iroquois says:

    Jackalope! That’s what kind of doctrine you’re got going here. Half jackrabbit and half antelope. Now you’re mixing in those “self-actualization” seminars where everyone is sworn to secrecy about what actually happens there. But of course they wouldn’t really blackmail anyone….

    But you really should straighten out the fee structure. First it’s a thousand, then it’s a hundred. Then back up to 500 and finally $1000 again. Do you really intend to compete with Jasmuheeen? Think about it. Can she depend on repeat business or does she have to milk it for what she can the first time before her customers croak? Notice how straightforward Loremaster’s and Rampo Skye’s fees are:
    Why don’t you just charge a goat and have done with it. Then you can spend more time telling us how to find our place in the world.

  77. Evil Bob says:

    uh-oh…looks like everyone has FOOD-ISSUES!!!

  78. Johnny Gregory says:

    I happened onto this site looking for Raw Spirit Festival reviews since I was unable to go. I am de-diddly-lighted you have opened up a can of worms which may eventuate into some healthy compost after all is digested back and forth.
    I have read Jasmuheen’s website and found only positive energy and promotions there. I have respect for our friend, Happy Oasis and her vision and choices of whom to invite as speakers to HER festival.
    Those of you who stand in support of her I commend, and Happy I commend YOU for taking your precious time to respond repeatedly to skeptics. I suggest you allow them to believe what they will.
    Certainly an agreement with the skeptics- if overzealous ideas hurt some people we can consider any safety warning. Let’s move along and focus on the big picture of what each is trying to share. If health, a friendliness and well wishes are projected, I say let’s receive these gifts. If we need to take part of any message with a grain of salt, so be it. I like the adage “adapt before you adopt”. That puts the onus on each individual to accept or reject what he or she will.
    Study what is important to YOU. Believe what is clear and rings true to YOU. We each resonate uniquely, although some more to certain ideas and energies than others. Practice detachment over the outcomes of your or others actions or nonactions.
    Be a booster, a supporter and win friends. Find the good, the silver lining in the cloud- don’t always expect to need your umbrella.

    Love and friendship,

    Johnny Gregory

  79. Ralph says:

    I have mixed nothing.

    The true Ralpharian Dingo Doctrine is the only teaching to have survived unsullied from ancient times.

    Never before has it been revealed beyond a select circle of adepts. Have you heard of it anywhere else? No? I rest my case.

    Of course, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and later pop psychologists and self-help gurus have garnered what adulterated snippets of Dingoianism they could, and formed them into crass hybridizations of the pure and primordial Peruvian Purple Dingoian Verities.

  80. Iroquois Purple Dingo says:

    So when are we going to see any of those snippets dribble down to us? I’ve given up on a Ralpharian Institute already. What a schlock outfit.

    Of course my thighs do look great from the sacramental chocolate. I even have guys young enough to be my offspring trying to get primordial with me.

    You do realize that never before has there been a religion that was not syncretized. Everybody wants to discover the language that was a precursor to English, Latin, Sanskrit, and all the other Indo-European languages that descended from a common ancestral tongue, but I doubt if anyone has thought to discover the existence of one ancestral Veritible Doctrine.

    I suppose an angel gave it to you. Or maybe you found a parchment in a cave. A vision? What’s your authority, or do you need one? Any signs? Miracles? These Mysteries do need a back story. Who are the Adepts who received the revelation? You mean there are more like you running around? Are their fees competitive?

  81. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Jesus stole my intellectual property! I invented the Merman On The Count (TM) with its message that “messed are the geese takers” ten years before Jesus ever preached, man!

  82. Jim says:

    Merman on the Count (TM)? Like this?

    Ethel Merman on the Count

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