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You Helped Us Help the International Labor Rights Forum

We take 20% of our after-tax profits from sales of American Apparel and other USA-made items via CafePress and Skreened and donate them to progressive political and social causes. The items we sell are made in the USA because foreign-made apparel is plagued with problems of sweatshop-style labor abuse and economic exploitation. But that doesn’t mean that we just want to ignore the issues, problems and potential of international labor arrangements. To do a little to help improve the conditions of overseas labor, we’ve sent a donation to the International Labor Rights Forum, which works with local NGOs around the world to engage in education and mobilization for better worker rights. Thanks to those of you who, through buying messages with progressive messages on them, helped us help this very progressive activist organization. I encourage you follow our link and check the ILRF out for yourself.

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