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Daily Archives: August 17, 2007

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Recommended Reading on Total Information Awareness

The program that brings it all together: The very much alive and operational Total Information Awareness program. Back when the Congress supposedly shut down the Total Information Awareness program years ago, all that really happened is that funding for the program at DARPA run by Iran Contra figure John Poindexter was pulled. So, the government moved the program’s operations elsewhere, to the National Security Agency, where we started hearing, not too long afterwards, about warrantless wiretapping and roving electronic surveillance.

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Hepting Highlights Video Podcast

One of the issues at stake is whether the President and his lawyers have the right to stop any judicial inquiry into Executive Branch activities through an unsubstantiated claim that there is a need to protect state secrets for the sake of national security. Also at stake is the subject of the Hepting v. AT&T lawsuit itself – whether the government has the right to engage in a widespread seizure of the private electronic communciations of Americans, and then search those communications or use them otherwise as it sees fit. This video features audio highlights I have selected from the Hepting v AT&T hearing

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