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New Islands Come Out From Under Arctic Ice

mother davisMother Davis watches the ice cubes in her lemonade melt before writing,

I had thought that the Age of Exploration was over. Now, it seems, it will need to be opened up again. Thanks to global warming, there is a lot of new territory to explore. Deserts are expanding. Icy mountains are melting and crumbling apart. Rivers are drying up. Ocean currents are changing their courses, and sea levels are rising.

And then there are the islands. This summer, as the Arctic ice shrinks far below any level ever seen before, people are seeing islands that have never been seen before by human eyes. They’re being reported in the north of Canada, around Greenland, and north of Eurasia as well.

This comes as Russia sends a submarine into previously inaccessible waters to claim the North Pole, and its undersea mineral wealth, as its possession. Other nations, including Canada and the United States, dispute the claim. Whatever the settlement, the point is that never before could such a claim have been seriously proposed.

It’s a new world we are exploring, at the edge of ice and time.

Putting her maps in the recycling bin,
Mother Davis

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