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Unity08 and The People Who Broke the System: Why Indeed?

Spencer Washburn, a reporter for KENS Eyewitness News in San Antonio, quotes Unity08’s Douglas Bailey in a recent news article:

“Why on earth would we allow the people who broke the system to try to fix it? So, Unity08 was born,” said Doug Bailey, a co-founder of Unity08.

The persistently chipper nature of Unity08’s chutzpah continues to astound me. They really do seem to think that nobody will look — and judging by Unity08’s media treatment, perhaps that’s not a bad assumption.

Amateur research into the makeup of Unity08 leadership reveals that the political corporation was founded and is headed by the very bundlers, handlers, lobbyists, and consultants who it says it is bent on driving out of power. Heck, the group doesn’t even talk consistently about itself. A quick search of Unity08’s own website reveals another justification of Unity08’s existence by Unity08 Chief Operating Officer Anya T. Harris:

There is no conspiracy, we are not being bankrolled by any one individual and certainly no corporations. Sure we have legal counsel who may have lobbying expertise. What law firm in Washington, DC doesnt? Sure we have other folks who have been part of the political establishment. You have to have been in it to know what’s wrong with it.

Harris is right in one regard: actually, the majority of Unity08’s expenses are being bankrolled by three individuals. Three is more than one. But let’s move on to the rest of her statement: “you have to have been in it to know what’s wrong with it.” That’s exactly the opposite of what founder Douglas L. Bailey said to the newspaper. So which is it? Do you need outsiders to fix the system, or do you need insiders to fix the system? Is Unity08 an insurgent people’s movement, or a rescue of the country by elite handlers who know better? Even if Unity08 is going to fake it rather than start a real grassroots people’s movement, it might want to work out a fib that is consistent and does not undermine its own success.

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