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Read the Coral Bones

If you care enough about the global coral crisis to read more about what people are proposing to do about it, I suggest the blog Coral Bones, written by Caspar Henderson, who lives in Oxford in the UK. Henderson is writing a book on the subject of the destruction of coral reefs and the effort to counter that destruction. Coral Bones links further to many other good sources of information about coral reefs and their deteriorating condition.

Yesterday, Coral Bones linked to a great article at another good blog, Beautiful Oceans, a scuba travel company that has agreed to donate one percent of its profits back toward protecting the environment. The particular article worthy of note over there was written earlier this August, pointing out that most Jet Skis are powered by what the EPA calls the dirtiest engines allowed in the United States, spewing out unburnt fuel across the water as they bounce and whine.

2 thoughts on “Read the Coral Bones”

  1. Lapland says:

    Oh, you get all lovey-dovey about squishy invertebrates, but where are you when my gun rights are being violated by jack booted thugs?

  2. Iroquois says:

    Oooh! He has a gun! A real gun! That proves for sure he’s a Real Man and not no girly man.

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