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Skull and Bones and the Bible as a Hand Tool

This has got to be the most interesting e-mail I’ve received in the year so far. David from Massachussets writes:

Dear Irregularity expert:

I found a way to prove high treason into the White House, and a way to explain why it is that the US Citizenry need to beg their US Marines to see this line of logic. We need to hope they come to their own conclusions that the best defense for the USA is the evisceration of the administration. The administration have a series of issues which, upon hitting this nation’s poor and middle class in 2008, will creatively kill the USA’s harmony and destroy its peace.

Skull and Bones people have a unique signature style, and until the Bush came into the Presidency, they would never have been caught. Bonesmen sidle up to people in power and give them bad advance, collectively as team of bad advisors, so that their influence has life through the decisions of leaders who then take the fall for their bad decisions. This is why FDR created the Japanese internment camps, LBJ went into Vietnam, Ford pardoned Nixon, and other stuff.

If you hadn’t seen it already, between January and July, there’s a water quality issue that might make it so that the poor don’t get drinking water, then there’s the HDTV issue, so that if you don’t own an HDTV, you can’t watch television in the USA. Also, there’s the new draft, which has provisions to kick the poor who can’t afford childcare. Then there’s the Daylight Savings issue, which will give these motherfuckers a viable way to say “OOPS, we didn’t know that would happen” when something explodes or kills someone. Then there’s the FBI digital ID card which everyone has to get. and all these things are going to strain our patriots that have to work in all these government agencies trying to comply and utilize these policies. It’s insane. And on top of this, Bush wants China to invest, and then he’s placing their investments into risk with the way these policies will divide the nation, allowing China to want to come to the rescue of their investment, and thus attack the USA because we can’t defend ourselves because our military are all out of the nation.

If that seems crazy, would you believe someone who understood time and remote viewing sent us a salvo to save the world, but no one believes it because the book from which the salvo was extracted has, to this point, been used exclusively as a religious Christian book, and no one seems to want to look at the possibility that it might actually be carrying unseen cargo of advanced logic through time. If you’re smart and into puzzles, consider the 42 point puzzle, using 14 sets of three points of reference in, of all places, the Book of Matthew. What I discovered are three tools, one being a hand tool for snap decisions in the now, a template by which to make remote viewing work well, and a rudimentary book on hypnosis. Being that I am of the family of David, the world looks like Revelations, and the USA could sure use a miracle, I completed the quest, and now just need to disseminate these tools, for inferred in the puzzle is that the hand tool is what Moses brought, and some motherfucker edited it and turned it into a Torah.

Now it can be told!

8 thoughts on “Skull and Bones and the Bible as a Hand Tool”

  1. Mark says:

    The incoherent ramblings of a lunatic.

  2. Zerwick says:

    I find a lot of it interesting, although this part is a bit odd:

    “then there’s the HDTV issue, so that if you don’t own an HDTV, you can’t watch television in the USA.”

    I’ve heard just about every conspiracy theory about TV. It brainwashes people, takes their souls, makes them sterile, is run completely by three demons who own 70% of Disney’s stock and breed a race of hamster-people, you name it. But a conspiracy theory about how the gov’t wants to TAKE AWAY our TV, and their primary tool for manipulating us? *strokes chin* Now THAT’S new!

  3. Jim says:

    But that part is true — you won’t be able to use an old TV as of 2009, at least to get broadcast signals.

  4. Zerwick says:

    “But that part is true — you won’t be able to use an old TV as of 2009, at least to get broadcast signals.”

    Right…although I hadn’t read that article, thanks for that link. I just thought it was ironic that for once a conspiracy theory was incorporating the withholding of TV rather than the use of its waves. But I take it the author of the e-mail meant something different, anyway: maybe about the evils of 1080 interlaced lines of resolution (better resolution means better subliminal messages!).

  5. Jim says:

    You’re right! It does! (Zoom in on the “i” in “right” to find evidence of a further plot involving Zoroasterians and the Pope.)

  6. Luke says:

    I hate it when some motherfucker edits my hand tool!
    Thanks for the laugh!!

  7. Jim says:

    Different strokes for different folks, Luke. As long as they have a wide stance, it doesn’t really bother me so much.

  8. Iroquois says:

    Wide stance?

    I found out about the TV thing last week. In another year all the regular TV’s in the country will just stop working? Unless they have cable. I find it hard to believe that could just happen. After all, we still have AM radio.

    ~”the Bible as a hand tool for snap decisions”: is this the one where you open the Bible at random to some page and use it as an oracle? I don’t believe in this.

    ~The book of Revelations was written by the imprisoned John and contains enough mystical stuff to get it past his jailors. I don’t believe he could see the future. I think he used the story of “visions” to convince everyone he was harmless to get messages to his friends.

    ~”what Moses brought”: there is a lot of evidence Moses knew sorcery or some ancient knowledge. How did his face change so he had to cover it? How was he trained as a royal princeling in the Egyptian court? What did the Ark really do? Graham Handcock did a lot of research in The Sign and the Seal about Moses.
    Remote viewing? Hypnosis? There is a day by day journey guide for migrating to the promised land. This was not one mass migration but a series of migrations that took place over a hundred years, confirmed by archeology. Also consider Moses had a snake which he “lifted up” in the desert.

    ~A 42-part puzzle in Matthew?????

    ~What about Skull and Bones? W belonged, right? And his father. And JFK. Not LBJ. I think LBJ was not the one who “got us in” to Vietnam, Kennedy started it and LBJ “escalated”.

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