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Question: Meetup or Meetup Alternative?

I’ve got a question for you.

This time in the last election cycle, candidates had huge Meetups through at which people worked on ballot access, canvassing, fundraising and all sorts of stuff like that. It was one of the main ways by which the Howard Dean phenomenon blossomed.

Here’s my question: is there an equivalent this time around?

I’m not sure is a working system like it was last time — there are Romney and Giuliani groups, for instance, that are listed in search but aren’t listed under the “2008 Candidates” section. Bush and Kerry, however, are listed as current presidential candidates. So I don’t trust Meetup right now as an indication of online-offline organizing.

If you know of a Meetup equivalent that candidates are actually using, I’d appreciate a tip. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Question: Meetup or Meetup Alternative?”

  1. Emmett O'Connell says:

    Unfortunately, whoever built the PartyBuilder platform for the DNC is the “meetup” for this year. It seems that every Democratic candidate (short of Edwards, I think) is using the same platform for social networking/meetup type stuff.

    The Richardson folks used zanby for awhile, but when the campaign launched their website with similar tools, we folded that effort.

  2. Emmett O'Connell says:

    Oh yeah, Blue State Digital, the meetup of 2008. Depressing.

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