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Global Warming to Extend NYC Stink Season

When people talk about global warming, they tend to think globally, but many of the effects of global warming are particular to local conditions. Consider New York City as an example.

It’s not a classic example of mass suffering along the lines of what’s happened in the Maldives, or with the 15,000 people killed in one heat wave in Europe, yet New York City already has its own small effect of global warming to contend with: As the heat of summer is extended into September, the city’s season of stench is longer too. Anyone who lives in or goes to New York City in the summertime knows what I’m talking about. There’s a distinctive, nasty smell New York City gets during the summer heat, with garbage left out on the curb and a disgusting, milky fluid oozing down the street next to the gutter.

Will New York City’s tourist economy suffer from the prolonged stink? I can’t know that. All I know is that, when I visit the city, I surely will.

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