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Unity08 Clean? CEO Promotional Video Remix

In an effort to spread the word on the disjuncture between Unity08’s proclaimed ethical reformism and its actual practices, I’ve mashed together this little video here. It’s a remix of a video that Republican operative Douglas L. Bailey made during his stint as Unity08 CEO at the beginning of this year.

If you like it, use it to spread the word.

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8 thoughts on “Unity08 Clean? CEO Promotional Video Remix”

  1. Joseph says:

    …that guy’s advocating that the next candidate for the White House not accept special interest money. He’s not advocating that political parties not accept special interest/lobbyist money. It makes sense: if a person accepts money, they feel obligated to do “quid-pro-quo”. Since Unity08 doesn’t have a candidate, their candidate doesn’t have an obligation unless that candidate accepts money. Even their “clean money pledge” says that:

    How else are they supposed to raise the money to create a political party and online voting? Begging on the street and finding rich and unemployed web designers that will donate a year of their lives? I’d say to hold off until the lobbyists start giving money to a candidate…

  2. Froot Loopie says:

    Oooooh! I seeee! Everybody BUT Unity08 and the Democratic and Republican parties are corrupted by special interests money!

    Ooooooh! That’s as clear as day! Why didn’t I seeee that before?

    After all, how else could Unity08 ever raise the money to challenge special interests, if they never took special interest money?

    Joseph, your rhetorical hypnotizing mind rays are rendering this argument quite sensible and acceptable to my new mushy mind! Thank you, comrade PR man, for explaining how war is peace!

    Tell me more, oh master!

  3. Joseph says:

    Okay, let me try another route:

    If you *READ* THE PLEDGE that Jim keeps quoting, it never calls on political parties to stop accepting money. I’m just pointing out that the “Clean Money Pledge” never calls on PARTIES to not accept money from lobbyists or special interests. Now, why would it not say that?

    Well, because political parties get money to support their stated agendas. Candidates raise money for their own personal quest to be elected. Unity08’s stated agenda (note I said STATED not “TRUE”) is to do secure online votes. From what Jim’s said about the cost, it’s highly doubtful they are going to be able to raise millions of dollars to both create a system and get people signed up by very small donations. Just like the DNC and RNC could not afford their staffs if they didn’t receive large donations from special interests.

    I mean, sure, maybe it’s all just spin, but the video seems sort of pointless since it’s misleading. It’s making it look as if the “pledge” is saying “lobbyist money to parties is bad” when it doesn’t say that. It’s sort of unfair to hold someone up as a hypocrite when they never made the comment that would have made them one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So the lobbyists and venture capitalists are giving Unity08 all those hundreds of thousands of dollars because, because, …because they think it will have absolutely NO EFFECT!!! Why didn’t I think of that before?

  5. Joseph says:

    I would guess they are doing it for the same reasons that others give the DNC and RNC money. To pay for their operating expenses as a party. To advertise their agenda/purpose/goals.

    I mean, really, how does giving money to Unity08 make whichever candidate that gets nominated through their online vote (assuming it even gets that far) beholden to special interests? Why doesn’t the media care about who donates to the RNC and DNC, but does care about who donates to candidates? Because donating to a PARTY doesn’t buy “access”. Donating to a CANDIDATE does. The main stream media is pretty dumb, but they do like scandal. And there obviously isn’t scandal in donating a lot of money to a party.

    Why do you (if you do) donate to political causes? You don’t get anything out of it, do you?

  6. Jim says:

    “I mean, really, how does giving money to Unity08 make whichever candidate that gets nominated through their online vote (assuming it even gets that far) beholden to special interests?”

    Go to Unity08 Watch and read Douglas Bailey’s depositions in the lawsuit they’re in v. the FEC for the Unity08 CEO’s own answer. He describes a large number of favors that Unity08 and donors to Unity08 will do for a candidate.

  7. Joseph says:

    I looked through the law filings, I’m not sure where the deposition is. All I saw in the filing with the court though was that Unity08 won’t support any candidate until after the convention.

    Are the favors you’re referring to anything more than what the DNC and RNC do for their candidates?

  8. Iroquois says:

    So Baily is mistaken about the “lobbyist culture of special interest money” being what’s wrong with America? Or maybe giving it directly to a candidate’s treasurer or media consulting agency “launders” it in some way.

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