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Presidential Election Resource Center Up and Running

For some time now, a note in the upper-right-hand corner our front page has indicated that a 2008 Presidential Election Resource Center is “coming soon.” No more of that “soon” business — it’s available now, offering links to articles, campaign finance profiles, legislative records, Project Vote Smart surveys, debate schedules, primary schedules and other election-related information for candidates of Democratic Party, Republican Party and Green Party, as well as some independents. We considered adding links in for Libertarian Party candidates, but then decided against it — I mean, what do they expect, some kind of handout? Click here to check it out; a permanent link will also be available right at the top of the main Irregular Times page.

There’s only one link in the Resource Center web page that’s defunct, which is the Tracking 2008 link. It’s under construction, but should be up within a day or so. We’ll update you on that.

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