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I Was A Homeland Traitor

This morning, I realized that, this week, I boarded airplanes three times without declaring a half-empty three ounce tube of toothpaste packed in my suitcase. I didn’t take it out of my suitcase. I didn’t put the toothpaste in a plastic bag to be separately scanned by an X-ray security machine.

In the old America, I was just travelling while hoping to keep my teeth nice and fresh. In the America of Homeland Security, I was a traitor.

In 2008, let’s vote for a President who will end the nonsense of Homeland Security. Let’s vote for a progressive President who will bring security concerns back in line with genuine threats.

4 thoughts on “I Was A Homeland Traitor”

  1. Joseph says:

    I really hope that the next President ends such idiocy.

    I mean, really, there are reasonable steps that can be taken…but toothpaste?!?!

  2. Damen says:

    Don’t forget bottles of breast milk and baby formula.

  3. Jim says:

    Hey! If MacGuyver ever got his hands on breast milk and baby formula, and some baking soda and chewing gum, and he converted to radical Islam, BOY we’d be in trouble! So get with the program, Damen!

  4. Damen says:

    Then we should throw Richard Dean Anderson in Git-Mo! But then who would save the world from the Goa’uld?!

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