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Citizen, Inform Yourself With Science Blogs

As the right wing pushes its agenda of blind faith in bad leadership, it’s especially important for Americans to educate themselves instead of passively waiting for information to come to them. As part of this project, I encourage Irregular Times readers to visit a site called ScienceBlogs. It is what it sounds like – a group of blogs about science, by scientists. With blogs as diverse as Molecule of the Day, Evolgen and the Angry Toxicologist, it’s a great source to get information from professional researchers without the filter of Reuters or the Associated Press.

3 thoughts on “Citizen, Inform Yourself With Science Blogs”

  1. Iroquois says:

    Do you know of any internet resources written on, say, a 6th to 10th grade level (or even lower) that might be suitable for adults learning English–or teaching their children?

  2. Jim says:

    If there’s a broadband connection, here’s a really good middle-school science site, with some written and some video materials:

  3. TN Kids says:

    Kid tested…mother approved. However, my children said it would be nice if the games had some kind of fun music playing in the background music while they were playing the games.

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