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Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Switches to Caps and Shirts Made in the USA

For some time, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul sold t-shirts on his official campaign website that included a large number of brands such as Hanes with a history of factory production involving abuse of workers and shamefully low wages. We complained loudly about Ron Paul’s choice, and a number of Ron Paul supporters complained that we were complaining, and so it went back and forth for some time.

But quietly behind the scenes at some point in the last month, the Ron Paul campaign has changed its suppliers and opened a replacement shop on the Ron Paul 2008 campaign website. All apparel sold by the Ron Paul campaign is now made in the USA. Ron Paul staffer Neil Moore confirmed personally to me this evening that all Ron Paul caps and shirts are now made in downtown Los Angeles by American Apparel. Moore said the change was not only made for ethical reasons regarding production, but also “to have everything we have made in America, and to make sure that everything is of good quality.”

Visitors to Irregular Times will know that we have significant policy beefs with Ron Paul, and therefore with his campaign. But I don’t want to dwell on those this evening. Tonight, I just want to write an explicit and sincere thank you to the campaign of Ron Paul for recognizing that a production change was necessary, and then for making that change happen in a positive direction.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Switches to Caps and Shirts Made in the USA”

  1. Chris says:

    Great, now some Chinese kids get beaten even worse because their angry boss just lost a contract.

  2. Jim says:

    That’s a slaveholder argument.

    And I guess that means you won’t be voting for Ron Paul anymore — it was his decision.

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