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Digest of Postings Regarding Unity08 Delegate Dismissal

For those following the issue, here’s a quick digest of postings, some by Irregular Times writers and some by Diary writers, regarding the “dismissal” (to use Unity08 Vice President Bob Roth’s term) of David Farrar as a Unity08 delegate in violation of Unity08 rules.

Help! Help! I’ve been slimmed at Unity08!

Unity08 is the real looser

Censored Farrar posts, part 1 of 3

Censored David Farrar Posts, part 2

Censored Farrar posts, part 1 of 3

Unity08 Violates Its Own Rules To “Dismiss” Dissenting Delegate

One thought on “Digest of Postings Regarding Unity08 Delegate Dismissal”

  1. David Farrar says:

    Yesterday I received an email message from Bob Bingham asking me to help Unity08 out with a small donation.

    So Unity08 sees nothing wrong in pursuing a policy that allows it to abridge some body’s 1st Amendment right to free speech on the one hand and asking that same person to help them out financially in order to carry that policy out.

    Ah, the corporate world — you can’t beat it.

    ex animo

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