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Putin and Bush Have Restarted the Cold War

American liberal blogger peregrin woodJim noted a study this afternoon that shows that there is little actual basis for the belief that the United States is facing an out-of-the-ordinary, ongoing threat from terrorism. Yet, right wing political ideology requires the belief in some great big sinister foreign enemy against which we must all unite, leaving our liberty in the dust. As the American people start to realize that Islamic terrorists cannot plausibly be that great enemy, where will the right wing turn?

Look for a hybrid enemy. This evening, I read in the Times Online, “President Putin forged an alliance with Iran yesterday against any military action by the West and pledged to complete the controversial Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr.”

It chills me to see that a Russian-Iranian military alliance against military action “by the West” has now been formed. Less than seven years ago, Russia and the United States were treating eachother as partners. Now, the posture of military enemies has been adopted. If the United States plans to attack Iran, that posture will become set.

Surely, the right wing Americans who are pushing to start a new war against Iran must recognize that if the United States attacks Iran, war between the United States and Russia becomes a likely possibility. Has it been their aim all along to push Russia and the United States back into positions of military opposition to each other again, whether war with Iran takes place or not?

Today’s news of Putin’s announcement of a Russian-Iranian military alliance against the United States makes it clear: The Cold War has started back up again.

(Source: The Times of London, October 17, 2007)

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