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What do you call the Faking of a Fake Grassroots Organization?

What is the name for the plagiarism of a pro-plagiarism website? What do you call a fake of a fake grassroots organization?

I don’t know what to call it, but US Unity Foundation is it. The organization, which is seeking “donations” in increments of $200, has ripped off multiple pages from, word for word, right down to the jingoistic condemnation of lobbyists and the pretense of an online convention to nominate a candidate in 2008. I especially love the copyright notice right at the bottom of each plagiarized page. (Don’t worry … I’ve added a nofollow tag to these links so I won’t give these hucksters any more google juice). The irony of this is thicker than peanut butter in the fridge.

The website has of course masked its domain registration, and its mailing address is a P.O. Box, so we have no idea who is behind the fakery. The phone number of 206-226-2000 is never answered when I call, and the voice mail smartly contains no personally identifying information.

Unity08 Vice President Bob Roth, we know you have a habit of reading these pages. You might want to consider pursuing the matter, finding out who these people are, and then slapping them with a lawsuit. It will give your mysteriously uncompensated lawyer/lobbyists something else to do with their time. By doing so you can make the world a bit safer by keeping people from shoving their money down the rabbithole of a fake fake grassroots organization, so they can shove their money down the rabbithole of a real fake grassroots organization instead.

One thought on “What do you call the Faking of a Fake Grassroots Organization?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    But Jim, the flag on the US Unity website is so much bigger than the flag on the Unity08 website.

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