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Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

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Unity08 Database Technology Fails Again

When Unity08 ran what it called its “first vote” to determine the set of urgent issues that would form its “American Agenda,” Unity08 servers maintaining its database crashed, a number of vote records were lost, and Unity08 decided to sample the remainder rather, resulting in

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Gap Inc. Promises To Stop Child Slave Labor Prove Empty

If Gap Inc.’s promise to outsource jobs to India were not honored the last time, why should we believe their new promises? Gap Inc. knows what labor is really like in India. They know that if they continue to outsource labor to India, it’s likely that some, if not most, of their clothes will be made by abused children working for little or no money. Whatever ethical screening guidelines they set up, Gap Inc. will continue to run the substantial risk that the subcontractors they use in India will ignore the guidelines.

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