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White House Still Keeping 600 Pages of Abramoff Secrets

The Bush White House denied any knowledge of Jack Abramoff at one time. And yet the crooked and corrupt Jack Abramoff visited the White House 115 times. Now it comes to light that the Bush administration is withholding 600 pages of documents pertaining to “internal White House deliberations” having to do with Jack Abramoff and his very special activities.

Oh, what will we tell the children?

(Source: House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform)

One thought on “White House Still Keeping 600 Pages of Abramoff Secrets”

  1. F. G. Fitzer says:

    The guy was convicted of corruption!

    For goodness sakes, what the hell will it take for the Democrats to impeach?

    Or maybe censure…

    or at least subpoena Bush?


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