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Infiltration of the Cracks of Civilization

The map of the world is filled in, and now it’s cracking. With no continents left to explore, some explorers are turning back in on what are the most explored places on Earth: Cities and the human things that fill them up.

Infiltration documents the unauthorized journeys people make into the abandoned and forgotten, closed-off and forbidden corridors of human creation.

It’s all about “going places you’re not supposed to go”, and it seems to be part of a community of people dedicated to the practice of “urban exploration”. Follow the tunnels, and you can read about some really strange trips.

You can also pick up a travel guide of sorts into the world behind the veneer of public city life: Access All Areas: a user’s guide to the art of urban exploration.

Unauthorized entry into the deep infrastructure of civilization that we rarely think about, much less see, is an especially subversive act these days, when Homeland Security tells people that they might be picked up and brought in for questioning just for taking a photograph of the outside of a public building.

It bears remembering that one of the closed-off, no-access areas that urban infiltrators might explore is the inside of the Statue of Liberty.

2 thoughts on “Infiltration of the Cracks of Civilization”

  1. The Animist says:

    Move over Sly Cooper!! Maybe I’ll try this.

  2. Jim says:

    I wonder who’s doing the forbidding? Are these condemned buildings that are unsafe? Are there ideological reasons for their exploration, or is it “just because I can”?

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