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Goodstorm: Capitalism Done Wrong. Head to Skreened Instead.

A year and a quarter ago, we earnestly introduced a series of sweatshop free shirts from American Apparel and union sources by a company called Goodstorm. They had a chirpy motto, too: “Capitalism Done Right.”

We cannot recommend Goodstorm to you any longer. On our end, we have never received a single royalty check for the shirt designs we’ve offered through Goodstorm. We’ve been promised payment, but we’ve never received it. We have had a devil of a time getting in touch with the people who are listed as contact agents. On these two counts, we aren’t the only ones. Other shopkeepers have reported these difficulties as well. Then there’s the Goodstorm website, which has failed to function properly on multiple occasions over the past few months, and which today is simply off-line.

If we have a lack of confidence on the design end, how can we with any confidence recommend that you send your money to such an outfit to buy shirts through them? We can’t, not any longer. We’ve given it a go, we’ve given Goodstorm time to iron out any difficulties, and today we’ve passed the point of far-too-long. Although we can’t even log in to to remove our shop, we’re taking down links to Goodstorm products.

In their place, we’re changing the old Goodstorm links over to our shops with Skreened, a small shirt printing operation out of Columbus, Ohio whose proprietor we’ve met personally. We’ve ordered test shirts through Skreened and they’ve arrived promptly. We’ve received regular payment for the designs we’ve made available through them, on our main, election 2008, running mates and blue towns shops. And yes, Skreened prints on American Apparel shirts, so you know that your idealistic political message isn’t being put on a shirt made by kids who were sold to a factory, who sleep on the roof at night, and who only have a bowl of rice covered with flies to eat.

In the meantime, if you too have had difficulties with Goodstorm, I suggest you contact them directly. Here’s the only contact information I was able to glean from their past press releases:

Phone: (415) 552-6100, Main phone number,
Phone: (415) 223-0306, Yobie Benjamin, CEO

Update: The previous Chief Marketing Officer has left the company, and the phone number for CEO Yobie Benjamin is reported out of service when I try to call.

Goodstorm is registered with the Better Business Bureau, if you have had trouble with the company and would like to file an official complaint.

7 thoughts on “Goodstorm: Capitalism Done Wrong. Head to Skreened Instead.”

  1. Neil VIneberg says:

    Dear friends,
    My association with GoodStorm ended early in 2007. I would appreciate the removal of my name and phone number from this post. Thanks
    Neil Vineberg

  2. Jim says:

    Done. But Neil, it was in late 2006 that we were first promised payment. Since you were there at the time, can you provide insight into what’s going on with Goodstorm?

  3. Neil VIneberg says:

    I honestly have no idea. The operation is led by Yobie Benjamin. I would contact Yobie directly. Feel free to email me for his contact information.

  4. df says:

    Thanks Jim,
    On a different note side of the note, anyone should feel free to call me, Daniel Fox at

    my personal cell number is 614-746-0333.

    Of course you can always check out and see if it will fit with what you may need.
    *END PLUG*

  5. Peregrin Wood says:

    Daniel rocks.

  6. Nijma says:

    I have received a message from Goodstorm’s support email address saying that a new manager of finance and accounting was hired Aug. 15 “and our previous staff were moved on to
    > work for other companies”. An email I received today says Goodstorm is “currently undergoing a major transition”. They promise payment but are not promising when.

    I am still able to access my account at Goodstorm. Previously I disabled my blog’s links to that store, but for some reason kept getting sales. Then a week or so ago, I changed the store settings so that you could only view products but not purchase them, and that seemed to stop the new orders, but I am still getting inquiries.

    Goodstorm is awkward to work with for several reasons. One is that the online report accessible to shopkeepers does not do a good job of showing current balance. Two is that you must have a balance of $100 before they will mail a check. Other fulfillment companies will mail a check when you have a $30 balance. And, of course, three is that they are slow to pay.

    I would very much like Goodstorm to sort out their difficulties and give us a fulfillment service we can use. For one thing they are the only service I know of anywhere that has black, ethically produced tees. They have the smaller fitted American Apparel tees and also the union-made heavier tees in larger sizes. Black tees account for most of my store traffic.

    While I would not say Skreened “rocks” they do some things right, like timely payments, and payments for relatively small amounts.

    On the down side, although Skreened uses American Apparel and ethically produced products, they do not do black tees, much less the larger union-made sizes, which are also very popular with my readers. Not everyone who buys a t-shirt is under 25 and thin.

    Skreened also has been known to take a design that a vender offers for sale and give someone a freebie without giving the shopkeeper a royalty.

    I left a message on the Skreened blog asking about this, but never received an answer. While I have not gone so far as to take down the designs I already put up on Skreened, I am understandably reluctant to spend any more time uploading designs and creating awareness about them through my blog articles.

  7. df says:

    Just for the sake of other visitors, there’s more to read in the comments section HERE:

    my email is and my cell number is above. unfortunately i didn’t see the blog comment until earlier today.

    in summary:
    1. black tees are hard to do, but i haven’t given up yet.
    2. adding bigger sizes very soon. 2x and 3x
    3. i like to pay people. it’s the most fun part of the business. really.

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