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Irregular Times Linked To Iran

Irregular Times is an American web site, written by Americans mostly about American culture and politics. So, we’re mostly read by Americans.

There are some others, though. After Jim wrote an article about the web rankings of the 2008 presidential candidates, I went to Alexa and took a look at where Irregular Times stands. We’re somewhere between Bill Richardson and Mike Gravel.

In terms of nationalities, Alexa tells me that a little under ten percent of readers of Irregular Times are from Canada or the United Kingdom, English-speaking countries.

The next country down on the list throws me for a loop, though. 2.9 percent of Irregular Times readers come from Iran. Iran.

What’s with that? Is there one reader in Iran who comes often, or do we just appeal to Iranians in particular?

Speculation, anyone?

One thought on “Irregular Times Linked To Iran”

  1. Nijma says:

    If you’re really curious you might try a webcounter like that links information about a particular country to a particular article. You can get info about the last 100 hits free, but really the info you get just raises more questions than it answers. For instance since I blogged about Iraqi hearthrob singer Hossam al Rassam, I have watched him go viral in Sweden then spread to Canada, Australia, Belgium. Why? What good does it do to know?

    Again, I am a great fan of Jordan’s King Abdullah II and post the complete text to as many of his speeches and interviews as I can cut and paste into my oldest archives–January 2004. People do dig them out–usually people in the U.S. late at night.

    When I can attribute any reading habits to my Iranian readers, it seems they read stuff about Iran, Saddam, or follow odd tags like scorpions.

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