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Another Day Without Rain in Prayerful Atlanta, Georgia

On November 13 2007, Republican Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia bused in hundreds of his religious and political allies to pray with him for rain in a Christian-dominated official ceremony. Perdue lifted his eyes to the heavens, so God could see, and beseeched:

Our Father, as we come before you today, we acknowledge that we are needy people, and we need you. It is you that we need, and it is your power and your miracles that we need.

And, Father, we call upon you today to meet that need. Father, we acknowledge our wastefulness. We acknowledge that we have not done those things that we should. And, God, we call upon you today to meet that need. We do believe in miracles. We do believe that you are the miracle Creator, the Creator that established the water and the land and the air and even us.

God, we need you. We need rain. Father, may we go forth in this place today with bended hearts towards you, acknowledging our total and utter dependence upon you moment by moment for your blessings. Father, forgive us, and lead us to honor you, as you honor us with the showers of blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain to come. Amen.

Wasn’t that last sentence confident? When 0.21 inches of rain fell two days later, Sonny Perdue crowed about it, calling the rain “great affirmation of what we asked for…. I am just a person who believes it comes from God.”

Sonny Perdue’s been quiet more recently. Yesterday was the third day in a row for Atlanta without rain. In the period of November 14 – November 18 (all the full days since Governor Perdue’s prayer), it has rained 0.39 inches less than average in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Hallelujah!

One thought on “Another Day Without Rain in Prayerful Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. Mike O'Risal says:

    Meanwhile from neighboring Florida comes this wonderful bit of beach erosion of American civil liberties.

    What’s wrong with the south, anyhow?

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