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Another Day Without Rain in Sonny Perdue’s Atlanta

Look, Sonny Perdue brought it on himself.

Like Gary Hart, the Senator who couldn’t just stop at sleeping around on his wife and had to step it up a notch by daring the media to catch him at it, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is not content to claim in a general sense that he can pray to his God and get the weather to change. No, like that other overconfident politician Sonny Perdue had to kick it up a notch and make a specific challenge. Sonny Perdue invited hundreds of his Republican political allies and Christian ministers from around the state of Georgia to a state-sponsored prayer rally in Atlanta with the specific goal of ending the Georgia drought. Governor Perdue didn’t just pose for the cameras with the holiest of faces, he made a public prayer, beseeching his God to intervene and end the drought:

Our Father, as we come before you today, we acknowledge that we are needy people, and we need you. It is you that we need, and it is your power and your miracles that we need.

And, Father, we call upon you today to meet that need. Father, we acknowledge our wastefulness. We acknowledge that we have not done those things that we should. And, God, we call upon you today to meet that need. We do believe in miracles. We do believe that you are the miracle Creator, the Creator that established the water and the land and the air and even us.

God, we need you. We need rain. Father, may we go forth in this place today with bended hearts towards you, acknowledging our total and utter dependence upon you moment by moment for your blessings. Father, forgive us, and lead us to honor you, as you honor us with the showers of blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain to come. Amen.

Governor Perdue spoke too soon in that last sentence. There wasn’t a drop of rain yesterday in Atlanta. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the day before that. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the day before that. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the day before that. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the day before that. And there wasn’t a drop of rain the day before that. During the course of all the full days to have passed since Perdue made his prayer, there have been 0.80 fewer inches of rain than average.

On the one day after his prayer during which Atlanta got more rain than average, Governor Perdue was all over the press uttering praise and affirmations for the power of his prayer to God. But Sonny’s awfully silent now. What’s the matter, Sonny? God got your tongue?

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