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Pax.Protest.Net Tanks, Head to Indymedia for Activist Information

Time was that the website at contained a pretty vibrant calendar of progressive political actions. Now it’s nearly devoid of activist events and deluged with mocking right-wing spam about sex acts, white supremacy and cults of the Homeland.

Fortunately, Indymedia is still chock full of information about local, national and international protest, both informing visitors of planned actions and reporting on past actions that the mainstream media have probably ignored. Indymedia thrives on the energy of local participants generating local news at local sites (from Atlanta to Worcester) which is aggregated at the national, then the global level.

One thought on “Pax.Protest.Net Tanks, Head to Indymedia for Activist Information”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Radicalendar is also not really thriving – though it doesn’t have spam, it does have an awful lot of reoccurring events (stand on the street corner every Wednesday protests), as does UnitedForPeace.

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