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Unity08 Requires Citizens to Pledge Fealty. What Are You, a Serf?

What a load of privileged Washington Lord-Think!

The political corporation known as Unity08 sent out a message to well over a hundred thousand Americans today, informing them that as a precondition of their participation in a Unity08 nominating convention, citizens will have to sign a labor pledge to work for the election of whatever Unity08 ticket results. Unity08 CEO Robert Bingham issued his condition:

There are two things that you must do before you can participate in our online convention in June 2008, take the Unity08 Pledge and provide your postal address.

1. Take the Unity08 Pledge, which states:
“I certify that I am an American citizen and am legally registered to vote. I understand that the Unity08 movement will nominate a Unity Ticket for the White House in its June 2008 online convention and will then work to elect them as president and vice president in November 2008. I pledge to do my part to help Unity08 re-light America’s torch and change our politics forever.”

Pardon me?

What do they think I am, some kind of serf?

What do they think they are, feudal lords?

American citizens do not owe the Unity08 Corporation a single thing. We are free citizens, not obedient cogs for your machine.

Here’s my message to the Unity08 corporate leadership: you can take your fealty pledge, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, and give it a few twists. You might as well use it to unclog your clenched elitist colons, because you’re never going to get any other use of it from me.

My allegiance is to the ideas that I find to work, until such time as I find them not to work any more, at which time I change my mind. I know, I know: that’s “radical” and “fringe” according to Unity08. This is why I find voting for the “practical” solution to be suspect: what they’re asking for, very practically from their point of view, is the possession and control of my soul. No, Unity08, you can’t own my soul.

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