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Why Has A Casino Boss Been Flying Giuliani At Discount Prices?

When you think of Rudolph Giuliani, think of this name as well: Sheldon Adelson.

Only five people in the world are more wealthy than Sheldon Adelson, but it’s not just the amount of money that Adelson has that should pique your interest. The way that Adelson has made much of his money matters too: Adelson is primarily known as a casino boss. Adelson is CEO and Treasurer of Sands Corporation, which owns casinos in Las Vegas.

Sands Corporation also owns Interface Operations, which owns jets that Sheldon Adelson has made available to the Giuliani for President campaign. Rudy Giuliani has paid more than $119,000 in compensation to Interface Operations for flights the company has provided to his campaign.

j. clifford tiredHere’s the trick: Until September of this year, Giuliani’s campaign was required by campaign finance law to pay only the price of a first class ticket for the use of the jet. Imagine that – a jet flying at your command for just the cost of a seat on a commercial airline. That’s practically a gift, and at 119,000 dollars worth of tickets, that’s a lot of gifts from Sheldon Adelson to the Giuliani for President campaign.

The American public has got a right, I think, to hear from Giuliani just what Sheldon Adelson expects to get in return for the use of that private jet, once Giuliani becomes President. So far, however, Giuliani isn’t talking. I think that’s as good a reason as any not to let Rudy Giuliani become President.

(Sources: New York Post, November 18, 2007; JTA, November 22, 2007)

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