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Robert Wexler Co-opts Impeachment Activism for Personal Gain

This past Friday, Representative Robert Wexler of Florida started up a website dedicated to focusing activism in promotion of impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney. I had an initial inclination to trust Wexler’s efforts because he has a reasonably if not exceptionally progressive record in the 109th Congress and 110th Congress, and also because I heard Randi Rhodes and Rep. Wexler over the radio on Rhodes’ show Friday. Rhodes was literally gasping as she told listeners how important it was to go visit Wexler’s pro-impeachment website, where the main push for impeachment would be taking place now. She told her listeners that there were resources for people not only to contribute money to the pro-impeachment campaign, but also engage in pro-impeachment activism themselves.

Yeah. Well.

I visited today, and upon clicking the “Contribute” tab on the pro-impeachment main webpage, I was taken to another webpage where I was invited to … contribute to the re-elect Wexler campaign. You aren’t informed that it’s a contribution to the Wexler campaign except in very small print on the bottom of the webpage. Tacky. The only “activism” that people are invited to engage in is to sign up as an “impeachment supporter” on Wexler’s website with your contact information. 60279 people have signed their names in “support.” I put “support” in quotes because what they’ve really done is given their contact information to the re-elect Wexler campaign so that they can get campaign contribution solicitations. Very tacky.

You know, I expected there would be a link to the Wexler campaign and all, but man, Wexler campaign solicitations is all there is. I expected something else. You know, like pro-impeachment meetups. Or a call to write letters or op-eds. Or the announcement of a few in-person demonstrations. SOME kind of actual pro-impeachment activism. No, giving your contact information to the Wexler campaign doesn’t count. And yes, the fact that there’s NOTHING else leaves me feeling betrayed, because Robert Wexler and Randi Rhodes sold me on that notion over the air.

Go jump in a lake, Robert Wexler. The next time you make a call to activism, why don’t you make the activism meaningful and separate it from your campaign? And Randi Rhodes? Man, what a partisan sellout. You sold me a false bill of goods. Why should I trust your affirmations again? I was expecting something much better from the pair than this.

3 thoughts on “Robert Wexler Co-opts Impeachment Activism for Personal Gain”

  1. ileen4justice says:

    I totally disagree. If we want Wexler to fight the good fight (which as recently as yesterday he is doing by hammering Rice with questions about her multitude of lies) then he needs to be re-elected! He is up against a Republican who has already pledged to spend one million buckeroos. He is my representative and he represents — put your money where your mouth is!!

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    No, I’ll put my mouth where my mouth is. Sending a check to a politician for a 2008 election won’t help get George W. Bush or Dick Cheney impeached.

    Think about it now… really slowly now.. don’t hurt yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wexler is an idiot!Cheney and Bush will not be Impeached there is nothing to impeach them for,You want retribution for Clinton’s well deserved Impeachment! How do you know Rice is lying? Answer: You don’t you! You Liberals are precious you run around the country like you are all knowing Karnack and you don’t have a clue you are political Morans.

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