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Celebrate the Courage To Resist

One of the things that comes along with war is a push in favor of submission to authority. Authoritarian impulses, like Mike Huckabee’s admonition that wives should allow their husbands to be dominant, are always there, but in war time, the become amplified, with the cult of the obedient soldier, crushed by the military’s authority, chanting, “Support our troops! Support our troops!”

I’m glad to point the way this morning to an alternative progressive vision, that of Courage to Resist, a site that revises the popular pro-war slogan, and calls instead for America to “support the troops who refuse to fight”.

The people profiled on Courage to Resist are soldiers who have reclaimed their humanity, and have summoned the discipline to resist the military authority that orders them to destroy themselves and others. These soldiers have had the courage to become individuals again, to think for themselves instead of submitting themselves to the violence of an unjust war with the excuse that they are only obeying orders.

We need more appreciation in America for those who refuse to obey. Now is not the time for the USA to become a compliant nation.

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