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With Ron Paul Running For Congress Now, Where Will The Money Go?

In an implicit admission that he cannot win the Republican presidential nomination, Ron Paul has filed papers to run for re-election to his seat in Congress. All the talk about a Ron Paul Revolution appears to have been just talk, as Ron Paul plans to go back to business as usual…

animated jclifford…with a lot of money in the bank.

What, oh what, will Ron Paul do with the millions and millions of dollars that his supporters have given him for his presidential campaign?

Will Ron Paul,

A) Hand out the millions of dollars to political consultants to make him look good before he closes up his presidential campaign shop


B) Keep the millions of dollars in a campaign war chest so that he can spend it later, in order to buy himself political influence with other Republicans

Either way, it’s not the revolution that Ron Paul’s supporters thought that they would purchase with their donations.

One thought on “With Ron Paul Running For Congress Now, Where Will The Money Go?”

  1. Tom says:

    Anybody know what happened to the millions (i think it was close to 15) that Kerry took with him (after folding to Bush with nary a whimper back when)?

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