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Occam’s Razor and Ron Paul Tara Thai Expenses

Ron Paul Rent Disbursement

This is a rent disbursement for what I’ve confirmed is a building of office suites in Arlington, Virginia. It’s a disbursement I’ve found in images of the 3rd Quarter of 2007 FEC disclosure forms for the Ron Paul campaign.

850 Randolph St. is the office address.
4001 N Fairfax Dr. is the office of Tara Thai, a restaurant that White Supremacists go to on Wednesdays.

Someone tied to those White Supremacists has said that Ron Paul shows up for those Wednesday meetings, which maybe is true and maybe is not. But attached to these claims has been the note that the Ron Paul campaign has a lot of charges to the Tara Thai restaurant. Suspicious, suspicious, right?

Well, maybe not. Look up these two Arlington, VA addresses and you’ll see that they’re on the same block, only a quarter of a mile from one another. Can you say late-night takeout for late-night campaign workers? Occam’s Razor, the standard that says we should accept the simpler of two explanations, definitely favors the late-night takeout theory.

If someone wants to prove that Ron Paul met with white supremacists, they’ll have to be more specific than noting that the Ron Paul campaign got take-out from the Thai restaurant around the corner.

11 thoughts on “Occam’s Razor and Ron Paul Tara Thai Expenses”

  1. chris lawton says:

    Ron Paul vs. The Philosophically Bankrupt

    After reading the name-calling and other non sequiturs from the anti-Ron Paul crowd, I am of the view that their hostility arises less from his opposition to war, or the direction American foreign policy has taken for decades, or any of the other specific programs he has criticized. What troubles them the most is that Paul has a philosophically-principled integrity in what he advocates and that, to challenge him, one must be prepared to deal with him at that higher level.

    But modern political discourse long ago gave up on principles, in favor of the pursuit of power as a sufficient end. There is an intellectual bankruptcy exhibited by writers and speakers on the political “left,” “right,” or “middle.” Competing ideas and values that once engaged the minds of thoughtful men and women have given way to little more than pronouncements on behalf of narrowly-defined political programs; the validity of a proposition no longer depends upon reasoned analysis, but upon the outcome of public opinion polls.

    Ron Paul’s campaign interjects an energized, principled inquiry into the political realm, an undertaking for which men and women with no philosophic center or rigorous minds find themselves woefully ill-prepared.

    Neocon Neil Tries To Smear Ron Paul – But Cavuto, apostle of war and monetary destruction, doesn’t get away with it.

    Looks like you’re running the plays directly from the “The Official Media Guide to Attacking Ron Paul”

  2. Jim says:

    Oh, yes, Chris. We’re part of the conspiracy to make Ron Paul look bad. We’ve been hired by the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, and the Queen of England.

  3. Gene Trosper says:

    I am a long time Ron Paul supporter (since 1993..I am 42 years old now) and in that time, I have spoken to him a few times and personally know people who know him. Not once have I heard *anything* remotely racist from this man. That aside though, these allegations by Bill White make no sense. Ron Paul became a congressman back in the 1970’s, served on various committees, ran numerous re-election campaigns and even sought the presidency as a Libertarian. Needless to say, he has been a long-time political figure. If he indeed is a white supremacist, the man is extremely good at keeping a secret. Considering his political philosophy, he has had no shortage of political opponents who would have exposed his supposed white supremacist activities/beliefs many, many years ago. If I even had an inkling that he was a racist, I personally would not even be supporting the man at all.

  4. Gertrude says:

    How is it merely “name calling” to point out that there’s something very slimy in his decision to keep a 500 dollar donation from the leader of a white supremacist organization?

  5. gene trosper says:

    It’s not “slimy”…it’s principled. Everyone, no matter how stupid or pathetic their viewpoints may be, has a right to express themselves. I don’t agree with many things, but I tolerate the viewpoints of others because it’s their right and if I begin to stifle their speech, my speech and your speech is threatened as well.

    Don Black is a scumbag nut. Racists are despicable people. But I cannot and will not stifle their speech…and yes: political contributions *are* political speech.

    I think that is why many people just don’t understand why the Ron Paul campaign will NOT give the money back: because people don’t think along principled lines. They think along pragmatic “go along to get along” thought patterns. I despise racists, but i emailed the Ron paul campaign to say “do NOT return the money”. he has my full support on this. Our nation needs to start focusing on the ISSUES and not these insincere feigning of “shock” and “outrage”.

    The underlying message is this: “I do not agree with the policy positions of candidate X, so instead of debating the issues, I will simply try to smear and slander to neutralize the candidate I don’t care for”. It’s ugly and needs to disappear from American politics. And people wonder why most adults don’t vote!

  6. Chichi says:

    Well, this all seems to be much ado about nothing regarding any wrong doing coming from Ron Paul. White has been proven to be a liar before and again with the receipts shown here. My this is some real hard core investigating going on over this $500.00. Somebody musta practically gone blind from digging through all those tens of thousands of tiny grass roots donations to pick out that $500.00 donation from Black.

    What irony: two white supremacists involved in this and one is named White and the other is named Black. Coincidences never cease do they? But I digress.

    Why not go after some real criminals who are taking millions from the big time lobbyists? Or has this been going on for so long that we’ve all just accepted that, see no need to change those laws and have to go after a measley $500.00 donation? Why not do something constructive and get Bush and Cheney and the other war criminals impeached and put in prison where they belong for war crimes? This is funny as heck when you break it down to what this really is.

    Will there be a retraction or any type of apology to Dr. Paul resulting from this latest smearfest? No, because they don’t HAVE to. Surely people knew what they have done to him by running with this type of nonsense before finishing their homework. Or is getting a “scoop” that important in the blogosphere? I am sure it is, after all, there are a million competitors out there either smearing or marginalizing Ron Paul’s campaign each and every day.

    And somebody gets the booby prize everytime they try to do it to him. You’d think they’d learn not to take him on with this kind of malarky. He’s been proven innocent every time someone has tried this kind of thing. Better to go back to ignoring him, that way people don’t tend to look so darn foolish.

    Paul didn’t do anything wrong. And neither did Black, as much as I abhor his views.

    Get a life bloggers. I know it’s tough to get anything tangible to write about, that’s how this kind of junk news ends up giving the net a bad name for being inaccurate.

  7. Jesus says:

    Not that it matters to many, but there are a few who would like to better understand the strange happenings recently regarding Neo-Nazi Bill White and his interest against Ron Paul. The reasons for this take shape in April of 2007 when Bill White held a protest against John Hagee’s “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI) gathering in Tulsa Oklahoma on April 16, 2007. This was particularly damaging against CUFI and threatened destabilization of its huge 50 million member support group. Shortly after this event, politically powerful leaders in congress, like Jane Harman, introduced legislation (H.R. 1955) on April 19, 2007. The legislation was inspired by Bill White’s protest against Israel’s largest American support base and its purpose is centered around shutting down White’s web site, and others like him.

    A few months passed and White again gained national press attention by introducing the idea of “Execute the Jena 6.” This campaign directed by White encouraged people to put symbolic hangman’s nooses in public places. This enraged a lot of people and generated a backlash against White.

    When the pressure grew too high, White mysteriously took down his web site and it has been reduced to a single page ever since. White states that he plans to have it back up soon, but he has been saying this for months. There is little difficulty in setting up a web site, although he makes endless excuses about why it is not back to its former status. White is waiting for something before he does…
    It appears White is waiting on the outcome of the legislation that sailed through the house of representatives on October 23, 2007 with 404 Ayes, 6 Nays, 22 Present/Not Voting. One of the persons who did not vote was Ron Paul. It is likely to be put to a vote by the Senate soon and then off to the President to be signed. In order to prevent this backlash from damaging White financially or worse, he opted to straddle the fence in his loyalties to National Socialism by coming out against Ron Paul. This move is designed to shelter Bill White in the future from his former enemies, like Jane Harmon, now turned friends. He helped them to slander Ron Paul and implicate Paul as having close ties to White Nationalists. In return for White’s propaganda against Ron Paul, he may be left alone when the legislation becomes law allowing the government to charge White and others like him under the legal umbrella created by the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

  8. Francisco says:

    FWIW I work at an office building in Arlington, VA that is across the street from the building Ron Paul rents. From what I understand it is his main national campaign headquarters too. It’s a pretty big operation and occupies the entire upper floor of the strip center it is in.

    I also know where Tara Thai is. It’s a pretty well known place in DC for Thai food with 3 or 4 locations in the greater Washington region. Our office goes to lunch and dinner there all the time (and I’ve never once seen a Klan meeting at Tara Thai, Wednesdays or any other day). We also eat at other restaraunts in the area, and not surprisingly they are all over Ron Paul’s finance reports too:

    Mei’s Asian Bistro – Chinese place across the street from Ron Paul HQ
    El Pollo Rico – Chicken place 2 blocks south of RP HQ
    Liberty Tavern – up-scale bar about 2 blocks from RP HQ
    Rio Grande Cafe – Mexican place near Tara Thai, a couple blocks from RP HQ
    Rock Bottom Brew Co. – beer and burger place a couple blocks from RP HQ

    I’ve also been at several of those restaraunts when groups of office volunteers wearing Ron Paul for President shirts have shown up for lunch or dinner. I see them on an almost daily basis. So you are absolutely right in your suspicions – this is nothing more than a couple of takeout lunches and dinners from a popular restaraunt that happens to be down the street from Paul’s campaign office. Little Green Footballs and the other smear artists pushing this story should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Dude says:

    What white supremacist worth their robes would go to a THAI restaurant, much less hold their klan meetings there?

  10. Tim says:

    Ron Paul addresses the $500 in this video:

  11. Nick says:

    Oh no this restraunt is a secret racist KKK meeting ground. Everyone who eats there is part of the clan and thats alot of people including the Thia owners because they took that racists money for the food and didnt give it back. Oh no Ive ate their food I must a black man whos a racist and didnt even know it. Oh no he took a picture with someone with horrible views. I took a picture with Ron Paul does that mean he believes in my views. OH im so confused…Oh wait I just woke up and realized this is a lame hit piece bit being played out to squash ron paul and his message of freedom.

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