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Tara Thai, Ron Paul and White Supremacists: FEC Report Data

Look, this business about Ron Paul meeting with white supremacists at the Tara Thai restaurant of Arlington, Virginia on Wednesdays is an empirically testable assertion. And it had better be tested, too, because this is a White Supremacist making the allegations, and pretty much by definition a White Supremacist has a tenuous grip on reality. Don’t believe a White Supremacist without confirmation from a non-loon source.

But for the assertion to be true, Ron Paul would have had to have attended the Tara Thai restaurant on some Wednesdays. We know that in the aggregate, the following expenses were charged by quarter to the Ron Paul campaign:

1st Quarter 2007: $39.14
2nd Quarter 2007: $143.70
3rd Quarter 2007: $314.59

But the aggregate is not enough, because a lot of people go to the Tara Thai restaurant who are not white supremacists. This is where Federal Election Commission Images come in, because they are itemized. Did the Ron Paul campaign eat at the Tara Thai on Wednesdays, or were these expenditures made on other days of the week? There are 4302 pages in Ron Paul’s report in the 3rd Quarter of 2007 alone, and in those I’ve found seven images of Tara Thai restaurant expenses.

Here’s the first relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for Ron Paul on June 18 2007

June 18, 2007 is a Monday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the White Supremacist claim.

Here’s the second relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on July 3 2007

July 3, 2007 is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the White Supremacist claim.

Here’s a third relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on July 24 2007

July 24, 2007 is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the White Supremacist claim.

Here is a fourth relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on July 19 2007

July 19, 2007 is a Thursday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the claim that Ron Paul went to Tara Thai for regular White Supremacist Wednesday meetings.

Here’s a fifth relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on July 16 2007

July 16, 2007 is a Monday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the claim that Ron Paul went to Tara Thai for regular White Supremacist Wednesday meetings.

Here is a sixth relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on August 1 2007

August 1, 2007 IS a Wednesday, the day of the week on which White Supremacists purportedly meet at the Tara Thai restaurant.

Here is the seventh relevant FEC image:

Tara Thai expense for the Ron Paul campaign on September 9 2007

September 9, 2007 is a Sunday, not a Wednesday. This expenditure is not in alignment with the White Supremacist claim.

The expenditure of August 1, 2007 is just one in seven days for which the Tara Thai expense lies on a Wednesday, which is just what you’d expect by chance. I suppose you could come up with a story in which these expenditures registered on different dates than the actual dinners, but for the ones on the early days of the week you’d have to have a hefty delay, and besides, in these days of electronic banking same-date filings are the rule, not the exception. Even if that kind of supposition invoked possibilities, they’d only be possibilities, arguments about why the lack of support for the Ron-Paul-meeting-with-Supremacist assertion could maybe be invalid, sort of. That’s not a basis on which to say that these meetings actually occurred. Sorry, Bill White, but we’re going to have to have more evidence than that. Finding out that a white supremacist meeting occurred specifically on August 1, 2007 might be a start.

Update: Looks like Tara Thai is around the corner from an office the Ron Paul campaign rents. Apply Occam’s Razor, and the late-night-take-out theory wins over the secret-meetings-with-white-supremacists theory.

45 thoughts on “Tara Thai, Ron Paul and White Supremacists: FEC Report Data”

  1. gene trosper says:

    Thank you for the investigative work.

    1. Karl Gharst says:

      Comments to “Extremists finding fertile ground in Kalispell”

      “…those living in Judea flee into the mountains… …for it was better for them in Sodom and Gomorrah in that day than it will be (here) in the land on His day…”
      That’s why they are coming here! Part of “come out from among them lest ye share in her plagues” (Rev.18:6) and hundreds more Scriptures in the Christian Bible that command interracial and interfaith separation – without exception – which is the Christian idea that the State of Montana and Our United States was founded upon.
      In just a few generations all that lands that once belonged to the White European Peoples of the Earth have been commandeered by a false witness who, like their father, Cain, believe that “if they can destroy the righteous from the Earth, then God would have no choice but to accept them!” They little know why our race is Christian!
      In the “extremist” article you tag Burgert and Kazinski in with “white nationalism.” Not hardly! Spokane MLK Parade bomber Kevin Harpham was well known to have had multiple conversations with ADL spooks Craig Cobb and Alex Linder before planting his bomb! Cobb appears to be the engineer of “40 years in prison” for a “speech crime” for Matt Hale and was the intellectual author of the murders of Chicago Judge Leftkow’s family.
      April is selling her daughter’s lovely voices on CD while the twins are cashing checks from the kind-hearted fools at the other end of the spectrum of racial understanding with their “save the twins from the racist April.” There is only one reason she and Mark Harrington attacked the lady at the library last year. Her handlers told her they wanted violence to shut down the showing of films the rabbis don’t want you to see!
      Travis McAdam is the handler for Baldwin, Skees and Rhodes as well. None of the above mention people, with the possible exception of Matt Hale ever has stood in any way for a National State for White Christendom as a solution to both our own problems and the whole World’s problems. Yet, the children cry out to God, and He assembles His Army and soon this will all happen.
      I, on the other hand, was brought to Kalispell in the back of a squad car and didn’t have any choice in the matter. I must have been needed here pretty bad!
      Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth and therefore not in the lineage of Israel. His father is Gomer for which Gomorrah gets its name! (Gen.10:3) Your friend in Christ, Karl Gharst

  2. Iroquois says:

    The amounts are much too small to be restaurant meals, especially for a group, take-out seems more likely. Probably lunch meetings.

    Doesn’t prove anything, though. If Ron Paul was attending their meetings as a featured speaker, he wouldn’t be picking up the tab, they would. It would show up on their expenses, not his.

  3. Jim says:

    Right, but there are people who have been pointing to the aggregate FEC amounts spent on Tara Thai as support for their contention that Ron Paul went to the meetings. I wanted to look empirically, and this data doesn’t seem to support that contention. People who want to prove it will have to look elsewhere.

  4. NH says:

    Plus someone who fancies themself a ‘white supremacist’ could easily join ANY meeting that people attend to speak with a Congressman but that still does not mean that the Congressman is meeting with them to advance THEIR views!

    Is it any wonder that a national SOCIALIST would want to get Ron in trouble? After all, Ron is completely and diametrically opposed to socialism.

  5. Jim says:

    National Socialists, Nazis, are very different than modern socialists along the lines of, say, the Swedes. Also, the accusation here is of Ron Paul being invited and attending an established meeting of white supremacist leaders, which is different than what NH is talking about.

  6. FZappa says:

    Why would white supremacists meet at a Thai restaurant?

  7. literatim says:

    I personally thought the biggest suspect thing was LGF calling the Robert A. Taft Group, a well-known paleo-conservative think tank an extremist group, and Marcus Epstein, a Jew, a white supremacist.

  8. Brent says:

    I <3 You.

  9. Rich says:

    I would love to know who is paying to push this $hit! Whether it’s coming from somebody’s campaign or someone high up in the government. It’s coming from somewhere and we need to find out and expose their candy A$$!

  10. NeoCon says:

    I don’t need facts. Ron Paul is a Nazi because that is what LGF told me too believe. And there source is some guy posting on a Nazi sight. Do you have a Nazi to support your clams? Until you get a Nazi I don’t care what you think.

  11. TripleHash says:

    The really big question is what number “heat” does he order with his Thai food? I usually go with a 7, but if I have a cold maybe an 8 or 9 to get things “moving”.

  12. literatim says:

    Jim, the Robert A. Taft Club is a well-known paleo-conservative and libertarian think tank group. The person who runs it is Marcus Epstein, a half-Asian Jew.

  13. Jim says:

    Oh, I’ve read up on the Robert A. Taft club. It’s nativist, Charles-Murray-Bell-Curve-racist stuff gussied up with academic picture framing. I mean, go look at their website; they’re very upfront about it. IF Ron Paul is a Taftian, then he has some explaining to do. But at the same time, THIS post was meant to examine the notion that somehow Ron Paul’s FEC filings prove he’s been a regular attendee at the Wednesday meetings at Tara Thai. Clearly, the FEC filings prove no such thing.

  14. Allyson says:

    It’s just sickening that people have to make up this stuff, and then take the word of someone whom they have no clue what their agenda is. It shows how naive people are. It also is funny that Ron Paul is no threat, yet the neocon’s spend all their time trying to attack him.

    Thanks for this investigating. I wish more journalists would do this. It’s no wonder you can’t trust the mainstream media news.

  15. Iroquois says:

    Looks like they’re meeting in a different Thai place for January==on a Tuesday.

    A year ago they weren’t meeeting in restaurants when they had speakers scheduled:

    The speech RP was supposed to give to Taft club would have been Oct. 11, a Thursday, according to splcenter. Wonder if he did give the speech.

    little green footballs is following the story, but doesn’t take it seriously–RP is no friend to traditional conservatives?–and this pro-Israel site finds neo-Nazi’s flocking to Ron Paul meetups but getting banned from the website after posting hate speech:
    I wonder why these guys like him so much.

  16. J. Clifford says:

    Allyson, how do you know it’s made up? Can you explain why so many white extremist groups are doing fundraising for Ron Paul through their web sites?

    We don’t know if what Bill White says is true or not… unless you have some particular proof to the contrary.

  17. James A. says:

    I sincerely hope that the campaign will file lawsuits about this crap. It NEEDS to be discovered who is behind this.

    I can guarantee you I know the people it will lead right to: the very same people who are making this claim, yet have the STRONGEST ties to these groups themselves.

    They need to be outted. This isn’t about free speech, this is libel and defamation of character. It is conspiracy and racketeering. It almost borders on terrorism in its vague current definition.

    Ron Paul is going to be faced with these people for his entire administration, he simply MUST show them he isn’t going to play games with them.

  18. James A. says:

    I am donating more money to the campaign today and make a specific request that it be used to investigate this and file suit.

  19. James A. says:

    “We don’t know if what Bill White says is true or not… unless you have some particular proof to the contrary.

    Comment by J. Clifford”

    Yes. We do. Shown above with about as much veracity as the original claims. But then, you are going to believe what you wish to believe, right? You are going to take the word of an openly hostile white supremecist over a 72 year old doctor that preaches about Individual freedom and a world without racism. A doctor whose political inspiration comes from Jewish Scholars that survived the holocaust.

    Are you REALLY that stupid?

  20. James A. says:

    Are you REALLY that stupid? Or is this just THAT politically convenient for you?

    What is more disgusting being a racist yourself or accusing good people trying irradicate racism of being racists?

    You are a fool.

  21. Paul says:

    Nice work! Much appreciated!

  22. literatim says:

    J. Clifford says: “Can you explain why so many white extremist groups are doing fundraising for Ron Paul through their web sites?”

    Through their websites? They link to Ron Paul’s website, nothing is being done through their websites. They support Ron Paul the same reason they supported Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. in 2000. They are generally small government conservatives, anti-war and pro-border control.

  23. gene trosper says:

    Ron Paul DID speak at the Robert taft club in October and said that he wouldn’t mind having Walter Williams as his running mate. By the way: Walter Williams is BLACK.

    So much for his being a white supremacist.

  24. Curt Maynard says:

    Bill Weiss’ biggest problem is explaining why it is that he identified the Tara Thai as a hang out for white racists when the hangout is actually a restaraunt named SALA Thai, NOT Tara Thai, the one RP frequents.

    He really screwed the pooch on this. Bill White is NOT truly an American racist and leader of the AmericanNazi Party, he is in reality a Jew and is working for the ADL and SPLC. Nazis like RP, Jews don’t.

  25. Dennis from Poker Face says:

    He must have really been biting his cheek when he was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about Rosa Parks. He did not support using tax payers money to award her with a Congressional hero. However, he did refer to her as a HERO and said he would have gladly pulled $100 out of his own pocket if his peers would have gone that route. Now, that’s class.

  26. Dennis from Poker Face says:

    oops … make that a Congressional medal.

  27. Kelcey Wilson says:

    Excellent work Jim.

    I want to point out that if candidates broadcast all their campaign related activities on the Internet, as I do, these kind of controversies would be far less likely. Ron Paul seems like one of the more honest candidates — I wonder why he isn’t streaming his campaign activities, rather than just his campaign headquarters. For that matter, I wonder why he doesn’t stream his congressional activities. What do our public servants have to hide? They work for us. Why can’t we monitor them?

  28. Scott Stalker says:

    I am impressed with this detailed investigation. This is the second story that I have followed on your blog and I feel I will visit it every day from this point on. Unique content and I especially like your intro at the top of your site. “Behind us we have left the old times, the standard times, the high times. Welcome to the irregular times. ”

    Thank you
    A concerned voter

  29. Doug says:

    Bill White, like all other “Nazi” leaders, is a Jew. Why would anyone believe anything said by a Jew posing as a Nazi?

  30. Jesus says:

    Not that it matters to many, but there are a few who would like to better understand the strange happenings recently regarding Neo-Nazi Bill White and his interest against Ron Paul. The reasons for this take shape in April of 2007 when Bill White held a protest against John Hagee’s “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI) gathering in Tulsa Oklahoma on April 16, 2007. This was particularly damaging against CUFI and threatened destabilization of its huge 50 million member support group. Shortly after this event, politically powerful leaders in congress, like Jane Harman, introduced legislation (H.R. 1955) on April 19, 2007. The legislation was inspired by Bill White’s protest against Israel’s largest American support base and its purpose is centered around shutting down White’s web site, and others like him.

    A few months passed and White again gained national press attention by introducing the idea of “Execute the Jena 6.” This campaign directed by White encouraged people to put symbolic hangman’s nooses in public places. This enraged a lot of people and generated a backlash against White.

    When the pressure grew too high, White mysteriously took down his web site and it has been reduced to a single page ever since. White states that he plans to have it back up soon, but he has been saying this for months. There is little difficulty in setting up a web site, although he makes endless excuses about why it is not back to its former status. White is waiting for something before he does…
    It appears White is waiting on the outcome of the legislation that sailed through the house of representatives on October 23, 2007 with 404 Ayes, 6 Nays, 22 Present/Not Voting. One of the persons who did not vote was Ron Paul. It is likely to be put to a vote by the Senate soon and then off to the President to be signed. In order to prevent this backlash from damaging White financially or worse, he opted to straddle the fence in his loyalties to National Socialism by coming out against Ron Paul. This move is designed to shelter Bill White in the future from his former enemies, like Jane Harmon, now turned friends. He helped them to slander Ron Paul and implicate Paul as having close ties to White Nationalists. In return for White’s propaganda against Ron Paul, he may be left alone when the legislation becomes law allowing the government to charge White and others like him under the legal umbrella created by the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

  31. Rabbi Tapirman says:

    Bill White works for the feds. The leadership in all the “dress up nazi” groups do. I’m not saying he did this in conjunction with that, but he is what he is.

  32. George says:

    There are two other aparent problems with the accusation about the Tara Thai Restaurant.
    1. According to the radio reports the White Supremists meet at the SALA Thai Restaurant and not the TARA Thai.
    2. This should have set off alarms that the accusation and the White Supremist group are not what they claim to be.WHITE SUPREMISTS do not meet at non-white restaurants and if they do they are not really white
    supremists but just another noise bunch.

  33. AgentScully says:

    Just between you and me the spirit of Hitler told me that Ron Paul has been holding secret meetings at Tara Thai with General Gau and Fu Manchu to restore the Mandarinate.

    Trust no one.

  34. Neil K says:

    Mitt cries, Huck insults religion by using it as a campaign slogan, Rudy remains sick, Tancredo quits, Fred sleeps and Ron Paul raises $6 million dollars in one day. Except for Dr. Paul, “[t]here’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas, banning books like “America Deceived’ from Amazon, warrant-less wiretapping and the PATRIOT ACT. They are both guilty of treason.
    Time to take sides, fellow patriots, you’re either for liberty and Support Dr. Ron Paul or you’re against liberty and damn us all.
    Final link (before Stark County DIstrict Library bends to pressure and drops the book):

  35. J. Clifford says:

    Neil, that’s a very easy thing for you to say when you regard Democrats as a category, but when you look at individual Democrats, there are many who are quite well differentiated from the Republicans.

    For instance, while “the Democrats” did not effectively oppose the Iraq War, but Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich certainly opposed the Iraq War very strongly.

    They also are strong advocates of liberty, as is Chris Dodd. You’re either with Ron Paul or you’re against liberty? Don’t treat us as if we’re idiots.

  36. Jolly Roger says:

    Don’t waste your time disproving all of the stupid accusations that will be made against Ron Paul. It’s better to teach people to expect these attacks, and know that they will not stop.
    What would really be helpful would be to find out who the infiltrator is in the Ron Paul camp. There has to be a spy in there somewhere. (I expect one as I expect the ridiculous attacks)

  37. J. Clifford says:

    Don’t waste your time with facts?

    What, are we supposed to just take everything that Ron Paul says on faith?

    The cult of Ron Paul continues, regardless of reality.

  38. Paul R. says:

    J. Clifford,
    Don’t feel that you need to defend “the Democrats” against every intemperate comment made against them, or that you need to respond to one intemperate comment with another. As a Ron Paul supporter, I say that you have more credibility when you stick to the issue under discussion. There is a good case made here that this latest charge against Ron Paul is a political dirty trick. Do you have anyting of substance to add to the discussion?

  39. Iroquois says:

    Interesting that the Ron Paul supporters freak out when you mention anti-war positions of any Democrats. I always thought they were just Republicans who were supporting him as the only anti-war Republican, but we’re glimpsing conspiracy theorists about everything from 9/11 to Zionism.

    What is it about Ron Paul that brings out the lunatic fringe.

  40. anonymous blowhard says:

    What do you find so compelling about arguing with lunatics, Iroquois? Are you naive, masochistic, or are you a puffed up pontificator who still believes that ad hominem slanders will get somebody’s goad

  41. Carla says:

    No, no, ab, that would be you.

  42. Isilion says:

    Thank you. I know that generally irregular times folks are not what I would call big time Ron Paul supporters so it is very refreshing to see someone here go the extra mile to pursue a bit of truth when they could have sat back and enjoyed the show.

    Hats off to you from one of Ron Paul’s kooky supporters.

  43. Republicae says:

    There was a time in our history when our lives, our minds were not inundated with the thoughts of war or imposing politicians who felt the need to invade our lives at every turn. There was a time when Americans could, on average, enjoy the fruits of their labors and look forward to a peaceful existence without the external influences at every turn.

    America was, by enlarge, a nation that experienced a type of individual freedom and intellectual liberty that hasn’t been seen in this country since our entry into World War I. While revisionist history began to take effect after the War Between the States, particularly focused on those of the defeated South, the real push of widespread revisionism began in earnest immediately prior to World War I and has only continued as support for the priorities of war are deemed necessary to the foundation of the State’s authority.

    There has been a concerted effort to revise the actual events of history, our history, in order to produce a pliable mentality in the population. It is really amazing when you read accepted history verses actual accounts of the events of that history. When reading the actual accounts suddenly numerous questions begin to arise, questions that contradict our accepted history. It appears that as “educated” as we are we are also gullible to the extreme when it comes to our own history and the reasons behind such revisions.

    The last Century has been one build upon and fueled by a mythology, which in the simplest terms has been used to promote a most distasteful ideology, distasteful and dangerous. Ron Paul seeks to dispel that accepted mythology that has conditioned this people to blindly trust those who hold the reigns of power within this country. Those in power cannot afford to have Ron Paul elected to the highest office of this country because he will expose the inner workings of a government delegitimized by its own actions.

    In the 50’s, Robert R. Young, in an instance of perfect clarity, stated:

    “The clash between a foreign policy which makes sense to Americans and a foreign policy which makes sense to those who seek to perpetuate political office (patronage or prominence) is one which will only be resolved by prohibiting reelection. We are very naïve when we describe American Foreign policy of recent years as stupid. Indeed, that foreign policy has accomplished its object for it has kept in power (patronage and prominence), election after election, those who conceived and facilitated it.”

    That is as clear as it gets concerning the reasoning behind many, if not most of the policies pursued by the politicians within this government. There is a lure for power that we, as regular people, simply cannot conceive and that lure is so potent that politicians and governments crave its hideous satisfaction to the point that decency and even the law are no longer restraints. Powerful forces use this mythology to divert the people’s attention away from the consequences of their actions. Peace is the enemy of those who, in a very real and dangerous way, seek to subvert reason and deceive us into acquiescing and compliance to their relentless cause of consumptive war and ever-increasing power.

    These politicians never admit that their loathsome enterprise is prominent in the destruction of our way of life in this country, nor will they admit that their warmongering pursuits are based, largely, on defrauding the American people, robbing our future and endangering actual security of our nation. Secrecy serves as a close friend of these political forces intent on maintaining their grasp on power and office. Every effort is made to stymie those who they even suspect of accessing any official document in search for the truth. It is amazing that we readily accept their desire to seal even the most innocuous appearing materials, such as recently the White House Visitor Logs. It begs the question: what are they hiding?

    One day the vaults of government secrets will be forced open and what shall we find? What dirty secrets have hidden from view to cause them such trepidation when such secrets are threatened to be revealed? What will be our reaction when those secrets are laid bare?

    I dare say that the generally accepted view the American people hold is far from the actual view of the world they live, particularly when it involves war and the reasons behind our wars. Power does indeed have its privileges. What is amazing and rarely considered, is that those in power grant access to those they trust to provide the appropriate narrative to ensure the continuance of their place of power and the reach of their heinous crimes of tyranny.

    Those who now report the news, write the histories are as complicit in their collective guilt as those who propagate the cult of war. As with every threat, the governments response to that threat determines the extent our Rights are affected.

    We must come to understand that there are forces at work within our government, which require the existence of such external threats as much as they require secrecy. For decades, threats to this country have either been created or, as in many cases, exacerbated by our own actions, not only to justify a massive war machine, but in a very real sense, they exist to serve an even broader social purpose within our society. 

With each threat, there must be a response and it is within that response that The State finds its raison d’état, it is the grease required to keep the machinery in motion. The War Machine requires the existence of threats, without such threats there is no reason for such a vast arsenal consisting of enormous productive and socio-political waste. 


Although WWI provided fodder for their machine, it was not until the end of WWII that the machinery could be brought up to full speed with the threat of global Communism. Since then, the machinery has been running over-time and the by-product of that machinery is enormous waste and destruction. Such waste proves to be an incredible asset to The Statists, without it there would be no room for their political agenda or apparatus; indeed we would have a Constitutional Republic where prosperity would replace the overt waste of their political endeavors.

    A policy of peace is just too politically expensive…it allows Liberty to flourish and the individual to achieve his or her state of self-ownership and sovereignty. 

The Statists fully understand that without the Waste Machine of War (whatever type of war that might be, i.e. “war on terror, poverty, drugs, you name it), there can be no control over the population; it serves a larger social utility than we realize, or perhaps understand. In the eyes of The Statists, War is a wonderful thing; it serves them well, economically, politically and socially. 

Peace is the Enemy of The State…that has always been the case. Peace does not allow The State to function as it pleases; peace inhibits The State from the power of imposition and coercion.

    The State calls it “foreign policy”, but in reality it is a means to enforce its ideals and attributes on both the foreign and domestic fronts. The State has manipulated the use of the term “Defense” simply to justify interventionism and imperialism abroad and the social structure at home. 

To The State, war is an essential system for its own existence and a stable internal structure of politics by which it can legitimatize its right to rule. Without the existence of an external threat, the war system loses its meaning and the necessity of The Massive State Apparatus can no longer be validated in the minds of the People. 

The Statists view the political functions of war as a critical instrument of social stability and transformation.

    The last Century was a Century of War and it allowed the largest expansion of government power in the history of man. War is the great organizer, at least in their minds; it allows The State to regulate society by the inducement of fear. Fear is the great shackler of the people; it has always served the purposes of The State and will continue to do so if the People remain complacent to their methods of control.


Peace and Prosperity can never accomplish the goals of servitude; only waste and destruction can make servitude possible on a scale that will suit the needs of the Statists. Peace and Prosperity are necessary to create a system that is anathema to that which The State seeks, Peace and Prosperity creates an atmosphere where the Individual can thrive in Liberty to fulfill the ultimate goal of the Natural Rights of Man.

    We have few choices remaining and even less chances to restore so much of what has been lost in this country. This country rest at the crossroads of decision and the next few years will determine the future we face. Economically, our monetary system is on the brink of termination because it can no longer support the economy while the massive and irreversible debt requires servicing. War consumes us, government is almost omni-present in our lives and irrational fear is used effectively as a means of controlling the socio-political aspects of the peoples support for their politicians. We will survive the upheavals we face in the near future? I have my doubts, but I also have hope that we will wake from this conditioned slumber and demand, forcefully if necessary, that this government be returned to the people of this country.

    Personally, after reading Dr. Paul’s writings over the last 10 years, I happen to believe that he not only has the correct stance, but also some very real answers to the problems we face; problems primarily caused by those who have spent the last few decades in leadership roles within this government. If we are to judge the effectiveness of our government by the results of its actions then take a look around the world…need I say more?

  44. Karl Gharst says:

    Let White Supremacy be What White Supremacy Is
    The old tactics – telling lies and calling names has really worked in the past for the “sons of Hell” in their quest for the destruction of God’s Holy Seed upon the Earth. Well, we know what works for us, too! It is the truth that sustains the righteous in our World.
    So, let us put our racial theories to practice, shall we?
    White Supremacy: Name the race of people that have accomplished more – or even as much as the white peoples of the Earth. What race of people would you be better off living with if good white people decided that you were no longer welcome in our God-given land! (Pick well, because the separation of the races is a fact that is happening right now and those who only spite us and curse us are not going to be among us much longer!) What other race of people would you feel more comfortable piloting the next airplane on you fly on? Whose medicine do you reach for when you are sick? Whose Laws and whose Justice do you seek and you find yourself innocent and in a courtroom? Whose kindness do you look for when you are in trouble and who would you rather have defend you when you are being treated poorly?
    Now for those who have been honest so far – we have many problems that maybe you white supremists can help us with?
    Perhaps you’ve noticed it is this same God-given kindness we are known for that has been exploited in the last few generations or so with the inundation of all the other peoples of the world into the homelands, ancient or otherwise, that were once exclusively for White Christendom. These are our hate-crazed, mentally ill, Baal-worshipping, Talmudic Rabbis who we first let live among us a few hundred years ago that have socially engineered this “death by genetic flood” we are facing today! Their belief comes right from the foot of the Tower of Babel, itself, “… The people seek to make themselves one, now, of all they seek to do what then shall be kept from them …?”
    We also know that the nonwhite peoples of the Earth have only come to live with us because of their great faith in “white supremacy,” despite the rabbis worst intentions. We know no one ever asked to be born, so we don’t hold anything against you because you exist – we only ask that you allow us a place on the Earth to exist – a place where white people can call home? If you can see this far thru the smoke and dust the Rabbis have kicked up – we (the ones who the Rabbis are calling “white supremists”) will see to it that you have a place called home and a right to defend yourself. If you have faith in Jesus Christ and can agree to obey His good laws – you will never have a greater friend on this planet than your White Christian friend! Because…
    For those who say the Earth is not big enough for white people to live here, too – I say let this kindness once afforded to you be withdrawn! I say let those curses you’ve called upon us now come raining down upon your head! I say let your homes be broken in and your strong men bound and your daughters ravished. Let the plagues of Egypt be upon you and your bodies boil over with the sores of Job! You who leer and at our daughters and you who misuse our sons and lay your hands grievously upon His priests, “let these death angels you have summoned for us now come among you and gather their harvest!”
    You know, the Rabbis lied to their own people, too! They knew they weren’t these people called Israel – (but then “rolling up balls of mud into godless, mindless, soulless ‘mud-people’ to do the Rabbis’ bidding is what the Talmud is all about so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when we find them doing it! See; golem)
    The Rabbis plan on taking off with all their wealth to somewhere like Barbados in the last days – leaving the better but poorer Jews behind to take the brunt of the punishment for their great crimes – just like they did in Germany and just like they did in Haiti 212 years ago.
    I will tell you “that they will be making Rabbis into ‘Rib-eyes’ in Barbados on His day!” Karl Gharst

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