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What Did Huckabee Cover Up By Smashing Government Computers?

Since George W. Bush has become President of the United States, America has suffered under an abuse of government secrecy. George W. Bush has engaged in a large number of questionable practices, but has refused to let the American public know about the details of those activities. Now, America is facing a Republican frontrunner for the Presidency who has shown the same inclinations toward questionable ethics combined with a refusal to let the public know what was really going on.

jcliffordMike Huckabee‘s tenure as Governor of Arkansas was marked with a lot of behind-the-scenes gifts and and transfers of money. To what extent was there a quid pro quo, an agreement to twist government for the convenience of those who gave gifts and money to Governor Huckabee?

We may never know. That’s because Mike Huckabee destroyed a lot of the evidence of what happened behind the scenes in the Huckabee term as Governor. Just before Huckabee left the Governor’s mansion, he arranged the destruction of the Arkansas government computers that he and his administration had used. Huckabee used money from the state emergency fund to have the hard drives from 90 computers crushed so that the information on them could never be retrieved.

What was Mike Huckabee trying to cover up? We will never know. We should never have had to ask the question.

(Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 18, 2007)

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