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What Else Was Julie MacDonald Up To At the Department of the Interior?

In her time as Interior Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Interior, Republican appointee Julie MacDonald was caught illegally interfering in government decisions about protection for endangered species and habitat protection for political reasons, and in one case for her own personal financial benefit. She was forced to resign in disgrace.

In spite of what is already known to the public, official government investigations into Julie MacDonald’s misconduct and illegal activities has been slow. Some aspects of MacDonald’s activities behind the scenes at the Department of the Interior are known, but others remain government secrets.

As a result, the Center for Biological Diversity has been forced to file a lawsuit seeking to compel the government to open its records about Julie MacDonald’s record at the Department of the Interior. Thanks go out to the Center for Biological Diversity for its work on behalf of environmental integrity and open government. Only shame goes to the government for its continuing efforts to hide its mistakes from public view.

(Source: Center for Biological Diversity, December 28, 2007)

3 thoughts on “What Else Was Julie MacDonald Up To At the Department of the Interior?”

  1. Richard says:

    Why won’t Gore suspend his carbon habits, or the rest of Hollywood for that matter?

  2. Jim says:

    Well, he can’t suspend the rest of Hollywood because despite his supervillainous strength Hollywood just weights too much. But don’t worry, Richard, he’s working on getting some pulleys and levers together. THEN he’ll be able to suspend Hollywood just fine.

  3. Richard says:

    Well, that’s useful. Perhaps he can the burn it in effigy (though I can only imagine the carbon emissions that would create!)

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